The Aussie folk star made waves in the musical scene with his breakthrough hit ‘Brother’ and has had the world in love with his soulful vocals ever since. We know all the lyrics to his biggest songs and we can definitely pick his adoring blue eyes out of a lineup, but what else do we know about the beloved singer-songwriter? Here are 10 of our favourite facts.


1. He’s pretty educated on neuroscience

By the time he was 20, Corby was reading plenty of books on philosophy and neuroscience, the latter of which he said helped him to understand people better. He has always been fascinated in how the brain works especially in regards to anxiety and depression, which he himself has suffered from in the past.


2. Nobody really knows what ‘Brother’ is about

The song is a powerful track that screams volumes but Corby has remained tight-lipped on revealing the true meaning behind it allowing people to take guesses at their own interpretation. “It’s really personal,” Corby says, “which is why there is so much ambiguity around it.”


3. He has connections to Mumford and Sons

After Corby’s experience with Australian Idol he moved to London to try and discover himself musically. It was there that he signed to indie label Communion which was owned by Ben Lovett, a member of famous folk band Mumford and Sons. Corby has even supported the band on tour.


4. He’s a father!

In early 2018 Corby and his partner had their first child, Hugh. In an interview he spoke about how amazing fatherhood was and that the birth of his son was a significant turning point in his life.


5. His latest album is based on his new home

Corby and his family recently moved into a New South Wales property called Rainbow Valley. According to Corby, the property was named by the previous owner who was a dedicated gardener and built this incredible sanctuary. It became the perfect place to record an album and Corby’s 2018 Rainbow Valley was born.



Muroki – ‘Introducing’


6. He was on Season 5 of Australian Idol

And came in runner-up! At only aged 16, a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Matt Corby auditioned and instantly stole the hearts of both the judges and everyone watching at home. However, looking back on the experience now, Corby says it was definitely a mistake. The show made an identity for him that he didn’t really want and it took him a while to shake off that reputation and become who we now know him for.


7. He loves to surf

Not very surprising, seeing as he totally looks the part, but Corby loves to hit the waves and includes surfing as one of his favourite hobbies. He’s even come close to a near death experience when he was 13 as he recalls being stuck in a rip current. Scary!

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8. He didn’t make it all the way through high school

Corby remembers staying for only three years before leaving to focus on his music. In an interview he admits, “I found it very hard at the time. I was always a bit too sensitive and I didn’t really enjoy the format of the whole thing either.” Now look at what he’s become!


9. Think his stuff sounds familiar?

Corby is inspired by a lot of old artists which is why his music sounds as if it should be made by an older musician. Among his heroes are Cat Stevens, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Buddy Guy, Jeff Buckley and Nick Drake. All of which carry the same raw emotion that Corby uses. This is why a lot of his music feels very nostalgic.


10. He’s coming to NZ!

Touring his new album Rainbow Valley, Corby will be bringing his show to Auckland’s The Civic Thursday April 18. If you haven’t already, snap up your tickets and impress the people beside you with these awesome facts. For more information visit Ticketmaster.



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