First of all, who knew World Sleep Day was a thing?

Nevertheless, I love my sleep profoundly (a definite 9pm’er here), so I am HERE for it.

With this global anniversary in mind, I thought we could dive into some recent sleep-provoking hits for the nights you’re tossing and turning for hours. These low-fi tunes are sure to get you ready for dreamland, tucking you in with the familiarity of a mother’s gentle goodnight kiss. Each song selection is significantly unique in character, so take your time, hell, light a candle…you might just find your new favourite lullaby.


7. ‘Tukituki Te Manawa’ – Drax Project

This beautiful masterpiece sung in New Zealand’s Te Reo Māori is incredibly whakamarie, incredibly soothing. You can only relax as a sense of community song washes over you. It drips off your skin with a healing type of hum and you feel welcomed into the song as the further you listen, the further you’re invited into relaxation. The English translation tells us it’s a song about someone taking your breath away. Who doesn’t love drifting away to a love song?


6. ‘Time’ – Mikey Dam 

Soulful and emotive, ‘Time’ carries positive feels in its delivery. The acoustic guitar compliments Taranaki singer Mikey’s voice in ways that can only be described as purely divine. It acquires soft vocals, a subdued production and simple lyrics topped off with classic Kiwi familiarity, all the things’ dreams are made of. The music video accompanying this track takes us around Mikey’s “home” through friends and family, a humbling glimpse into his background and what’s most important to him. 


5. Real Life – Claire Rosinkranz 

This one will send you to sleep with a smile on your face. Groovy, funky, modern, cheeky – but not overwhelming on the old eardrums, 16-year-old Rosinkranz will 100% serve you up some positive dreams with all those positive affirmations baked into her chorus. “It’s gonna be alright, welcome to actual real-life, it’s gonna be alright”. 


4. Driver’s license – Olivia Rodrigo

Prepare to go back in your mind to those youthful break-up feels. This tune is so profoundly good at sending you to another place mentally. It’s character mirrors the type of emotion Taylor Swift songs would stir back in high school. It hit number one in a week, going viral on all platforms.  “We definitely had no idea how big it was going to be,” said Jeremy Erlich, the co-head of music at Spotify. “It just ballooned into this monster; unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.”


3. Nothing’s The Same – Alexander 23, Jeremy Zucker 

I’m playing this as I’m writing and It’s just so damn relaxing. If you’re listening, watch out for the tea on your bedside table that goes cold because you just fell asleep. This little love song for everyone’s heart of hearts. It has uncanny parallels to our current situation of isolation and of nothing being the same. It’s almost therapeutic, I would definitely recommend the listen at a time when life feels as though it’s moving in circles.


2. Chad Lawson – when the party’s over (cover) 

Just absolutely beautiful. Lawson brings Billie Eilish’s ‘when the party’s over’ right down to piano roots and for good reason. It’s expressively angelic in the way it pours out of your speakers, challenging the mood of the room with every inch it creeps into space. There’s a reason parents have turned to lullabies for centuries — they work. 

“When I first heard this track, I was geeking how Finneas crafted such a unique melody based on his chordal theme; so creative…I knew this song would resonate with just a piano.” – Chad Lawson.


1. Wishing Well – Niko Walters

Music makes our lives ten folds better in many many ways; the fact that tunes can be used to aid in achieving restful sleep should come as no surprise. Wishing well does just that, Niko’s syllables falling slowly like ash with each breath. Niko has been rising on the scene here in New Zealand and with each song that he’s released, he brings a new wave of emotion. This talented man has such a knack for making you feel a certain type of way.

We’ve put together a full playlist of quality dream-land hits you can check out.