If you know us well then you’ll know that Friday is our favourite day of the week, and not just coz the weekend is imminent but because our new fav tunes are consistently dropped! Just like making yourself age 40 years old on faceapp and holidaying in Bali are trending right now, so is musical collaborations. And here’s 4 of the latest and greatest that should be on all of your weekend party playlists.


Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello – Señorita 

The prince and princess of pop have done it again! After collaborating back in 2015 for the hit ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ the duo have teamed up once more, this time as star-crossed lovers for their steamy duet ‘Señorita’. 🔥 

This is the glo-up we all deserved, with a new maturity to both of their individual sounds melting together to create a fun and flirty bop.


We’ll now describe the music video to you as if you haven’t already seen it. A fateful encounter in a diner turns into a whirlwind summer rendezvous full of seduction, salsa dancing and riding motorbikes without helmets on (understandably we need to see their gorgeous faces at all times but plz don’t crash). The vid has already cracked a quarter of a billion views and yes we are most likely responsible for half of them. 😜


Ellie Goulding – Hate Me (with Juice WRLD)

Our gal Ellie G is on a roll this year already, with her latest track ‘Hate Me’ being her third release of 2019 (so far). She teams up with emo-rap legend Juice WRLD to deliver a tongue-in-cheek tune full of sass and romantic regret. This is the first time we’ve seen a darker side to Ellie, who’s looking to explore different avenues in her artistry. Tbh, she could style her hair into a rainbow mohawk and sing about accidentally locking herself outside of her house and she’d be able to pull it off. 

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Hate Me – Ellie ft myself. Out now everywhere.

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If anybody knows paranoia post-heartbreak it’s Juice WRLD – Ellie played him the track and he injected his playful hip-hop vocals into the second verse without hesitation. She told Zane Lowe, “He loved it and wanted to be involved. I think that was a testament as well, because he was like, ‘You know what? I feel this as well.’ And you know what? We too feel this.

🚨 Also looks like we are getting a music video for it as soon as TOMORROW… 👀


Post Malone Feat. Young Thug – Goodbyes

Good ol’ reliable Posty has just dropped his first track of 2019 ‘Goodbyes’ and it’s everything we’d hoped for. It’s easy to forget that this is only his first song of the year, considering that 2018 hits ‘Sunflower’ and ‘Wow.’ are still making waves on the charts despite being released more than half a year ago. ‘Goodbyes’ sees his signature pop-rapping style link up with the quirky Jeffery Williams aka Young Thug making a surefire hit. 

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The R-rated music video stars Netlflix’s ‘The Society’ actress Kathryn Newton as Posty’s lover and himself as a zombie after he gets resurrected from the dead after losing a gang fight. Lyrics “there’s no way I could save you / cause I need to be saved too” is classic Posty, venting his bitter feelings once more and making one want to give him a hug despite him being very, very dead. That also doesn’t stop him from smoking a ciggy, drinking a Budlight or reuniting with his girl, and that’s why we love him. 


Billie Eilish – bad guy (with Justin Bieber)

Think of a musician on a poster that you had up on your bedroom wall when you were 12, now imagine getting to release a song with them… well, Billie Eilish has done just that! It’s been no secret that she’s the biggest Belieber of them all, and now Justin has hopped on her track ‘bad guy’ for the remix of all remixes. The song has quite easily been the biggest breakout hit of 2019 and now it has double the superpower from one of the decade’s best chart-topping machines. Tbh, a collab was only a matter of time after the two finally met for the first time in the pit during Arichella 😍


Billie has met so many of her peers in the last month alone (the likes of Travis Scott, Avril Lavigne and Camila Cabello) that we can hardly keep up, but Justin is truly a full-circle moment for her. I mean, the cover art says it all. Now we’re just hanging out hoping one day they’ll perform it together live in matching monochromatic outfits (please and thanks in advance!) 🤞


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