This year, I feel all of us on the music scene came in ready to hear some disruptive new sounds.

‘Safe’ no longer cuts it and there’s a demand for artists to seduce us with an element of surprise, whether that be peppering a deep beat through a playful melody or bringing two incredibly different artists together to work on a single track.

It’s just hit March and already we’ve been blessed with some unforeseen collaborations. If 2019 continues anything like the way it’s started, we’ve got something to be excited about.

Let’s layout our favourites so far, followed by a hack at ‘what you didn’t know’ about them.


Benny Blanco and Selena Gomez ft J Balvin and Tainy
“I can’t get enough”

Now this lead up was a straight tease. It started when we saw our favourite well-known American producer Benny Blanco (who’s only just come out into his own as an artist and songwriter), post a couple of emoji’s on Selena’s gram. Then we saw an unexplained merch pic circulating socials with the names printed on the back of some robes ‘Tainy, J Balvin and Selena.’ We all went insane at the crumbs, turns out we followed for good reason.

What you didn’t know

Blanco, being big on loyalty, only works with those he regards as friends. Considering this is the case, he seems to have a legit circle, producing for the likes of Katy Perry, Ed Sheeran, The Weeknd, Wiz Khalifa Maroon five, Rihanna, and now, Selena.


YUNGBLUD, Halsey ft. Travis Barker
“11 Minutes”

These two created something really astounding here and it won’t be the last we hear from them. They seemed to have truly fell in love with their collaborative sound .. and each other. “I’m a total nutcase, not a lot of people get me. And when I found out she got me, that was really kind of… sick”. Yungblud to about artist, Halsey.

What you didn’t know

You know they’re dating, but how’d it snowball? In an interview with 98.7 ALT last week, Halsey admitted she slid into Yungblud’s DMs. We had “a lot of beers” Yungblud confirmed, saying this catch up led to the idea of the 11 Minutes music video, inspired by their hometown.


Netsky, Lil Wayne and Bazzi
“I don’t even know you anymore”

Now this track is different. The unlikely duo of Lil Wayne and Bazzi gives us an almost futuristic sound – a hiphop beat overlayed with a tropical rhythm. Netsky has been all over the show recently in terms of branching out with genre. “I don’t even know you anymore” certainly could be the way we’re feeling about him at the moment.

What you didn’t know

It released on Valentine’s day, which was by no means an accident. Netsky’s single came loaded with a variety of Anti-Valentine’s Day cards that played teasers of the full track.
Cynical… we like it.


Katy Perry and Zed

Also a valentines day drop, this track is a pop-house vibe with a repeated musical pattern that gives the record a hypnotic nature, designed for mainstream success in 2019. Katy Perry teamed up with Russian-German record producer, dj and songwriter, Anton Zaslavski, known professionally as Zedd, to create a chorus that is so damn catchy.

What you didn’t know

The music video also got some hype too for its distinctive essence. The Sci-fi themed music video is apparently rumoured to be a Black Mirror parody. We can’t confirm, but nonetheless, Perry’s facials are excellent as per.


Sam Smith and Normani
“Dancing With a Stranger”

New territory for both artists, our final fave collab was Smith’s duet with former Fifth Harmony member, Normani, released January 11. What’s to adore about this collaboration is that Sam makes it clear he’s been undoubtedly obsessed with Normani and her work. Seeing these two polar opposite artists deliver real chemistry and connection through a soulful sound is what truly makes this new track one to listen to.

What you didn’t know

This was the first new track Smith released in the new year, writing the single on his ‘Thrill of It’ tour last year. “For me, it bottles everything I was feeling whilst juggling my personal life and touring.”