We all know how high SOUR soared upon release. From ‘Drivers License’ to ‘hope ur ok,’ there haven’t been many young stars crashing into the music industry with the same force that Olivia Rodrigo did. Now it’s been two years, and with the release of her new single ‘vampire’, fans are once again chomping at the bit to hear her new music. But besides that, what has she been up to lately?

She released a new single!

Making the world literally stop when she announced her comeback single earlier this month, Olivia has finally returned with her brand new single ‘vampire.’ A bold ballad that seems to hit all the right Olivia notes while also completely blowing them out of the water, ‘vampire’ is simply just a taste of the new era the star is stepping into and we can’t wait to see more. Watch the music video for it below, directed by the dreamy Petra Collins.



Album 2 is coming ..

Having teased the existence of a possible second album since 2022, fans have been highly speculative about a potential new era – and now we finally have news! Taking to her Instagram, Olivia announced that her sophomore album GUTS will be released September 8. Written primarily while she was 19 with fellow SOUR producer Dan Nigro, the album will show a more mature side to Olivia and see her navigate a new and exciting chapter.




She turned 20!

Known for perfectly summing up the emotions of adolescence, our girl is a teenager no more. Olivia celebrated her 20th birthday earlier this year and we’re a little emotional about it, but we absolutely can’t wait to hear what a more mature sound from the star sounds like.


She finished her run on HSMTMTS

With Rodrigo’s character Nini departing for California at the end of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series season 3 in August 2022, a chapter has been closed. Fans who became close to Rodrigo through her acting were sad, but not surprised, at this departure. With her star continuing to flourish musically, it makes sense that her primary pursuit now would be her own songwriting. With rumours circulating that she may return for season 4 in a flashback or guest role, we’ll just have to wait and see when the new season premieres on August 9.


She’s been at a lot of award shows

From the Met to Vanity Fair, Olivia has been serving us with stunning looks on the carpets of late. Personally I don’t know who her stylists are, but hats off to them. No doubt we’ll see her at more in the future.



She’s been hanging out with her friends

Olivia has a star studded lineup of friends, including one of our favourites Conan Gray, who regularly feature on her social media platforms, as well as attending events with her. Olivia is never far from posting a tribute to those around her, and it continues to be heartwarming to see.



In 2022, she released her first documentary

Titled ‘driving home 2 u’ and released on Disney+ in early 2022, if you haven’t seen this, now’s the time. Recounting her experiences in the making of Sour, it follows Olivia from Salt Lake City, Utah and then back to Los Angeles. It’s moving, powerful and full of revelations from the singer, and in an era where documentaries alongside albums are becoming more common, it’s a strong addition to that trend. Including a haunting orchestral rendition of ‘good 4 u’ and a performance of fast paced ‘jealousy jealousy’ to name a few, even if you’ve already watched, the doco serves as an apt Olivia refresher pre-‘Vampire.’


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