The Jonas Brothers are back!

We still remember the Jonas Brothers being a household name back when they launched to stardom in Disney. They’re a core memory for most of our childhoods (when cable TV was still a thing!) It’s surreal to think that it’s been almost two decades since then, and looking back at two decades of activities, albums, tours, and TV appearances, the brothers certainly grew up with us.  Now, they’ve started families of their own, and even recently they’ve been given the honour of having their own star at the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. It’s amazing how they’ve immortalised their names in the world of showbiz.

With that said, it’s also been a while since they’ve reunited from their nearly six-year hiatus and the release of Happiness Begins. Now the Jonas Brothers have come back with their most personal pop-rock, summer pop album to date, The Album!

If you haven’t yet, have a look at their latest single ‘Wings’!



Forgive us for being emotional, but there’s so much to look back upon. From seeing them as teenagers one moment, and then as fathers the next, let’s see what the Jonas Brothers have been up to these days!

1. They’re all dads now!

It’s no news that the trio have been happily married to their respective partners, but they’ve also welcomed a whole new generation of Jonas kids (the Jonas Cousins?!). Joe welcomed his second child with the Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner in July 2022, while Nick and actress Priyanka Chopra introduced their first daughter back in May that same year. Talk about a star-studded family!



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The three of them being girl dads have been a huge influence in the creation of their latest album, even dedicating the song ‘Little Bird’ to them. Nick’s even revealed that the song could be one of their most personal songs to date.

It’s nothing but heart-warming to know that being parents (and uncles!) is a whole new journey that they hadn’t expected to be such a big part of their career as musicians.





2. They’ve been focusing on their own thing

Since their hiatus, the Jonas Brothers have had the time to pursue their own endeavours and really create an identity for themselves. But more than that, they’ve revealed that this has made their bonds stronger, and since they’ve gotten back together, the brothers have had more things to bring to the table.

Kevin’s become a serious entrepreneur! Since their break, he’s been tackling his own ventures and found a talent for business. Ever since his stint at The Celebrity Apprentice, he’s launched a construction firm for customised homes. He’s also written a children’s book with his wife Danielle, and more recently, he’s been co-hosting the reality TV competition Claim to Fame.



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Joe, on the other hand, tried his hand at his own music. We already know about his band DNCE and their hit debut single ‘Cake by The Ocean’, but they’ve also released their new songs ‘Dancing Feet’ and ‘Move’ almost a year ago. Joe’s also made efforts to tap into his acting roots, with a few acting gigs up his sleeve. He was most recently cast to be one of the stars of his latest movie, Devotion!



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As for Nick, he’s probably the one who’s had the most music projects, having pursued his solo musician career. With four albums out, Spaceman being his latest, Nick’s confidently owned his discography outside of the Jonas Brothers, even having hits like ‘Jealous’. Nick’s also had a few hosting gigs here and there, having been a coach for The Voice back in 2021, as well as dabbling in acting with films like Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle and his newest project The Good Half.




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3. They’ve been on tour!

It hasn’t been long since the Jonas Brothers concluded the year-long Remember This tour around North America. The trio have also recently taken us on a trip down memory lane where they took up residency in New York on Broadway for five nights, dedicating a studio album for each night.



Of course, this was just the appetiser for their next big tour literally called The Tour, which will not only showcase songs from The Album, but also explore all the eras of their discography. It’ll be like meeting the Jonas Brothers again for the first time while watching their music grow.



4. They had a date with Amelia Dimoldenberg

The brothers joined influencer Amelia Dimoldenberg recently for an episode of her fan-favourite Chicken Shop Date on YouTube, a guest slot that had been well anticipated for fans of both the show and the boys themselves. Check it out below!




5. They have a new album!

If you haven’t yet, now’s the time to check out the Jonas Brothers’ new album The Album along with their singles ‘Wings’ and ‘Waffle House’! Inspired by 70s funk-pop and Americana and bands like Bee Gees and Doobie Brothers, The Album is a significant new sound for the brothers and features production from Jon Bellion.