The Location:


Western Springs Stadium, Auckland. Located at Great North Road, Western Springs.

It’s the first year in recent memory the festival hasn’t been held at the iconic Albert Park location, but we’re sure this will be fresh and exciting nonetheless!


The Acts:



Composed of sisters Danielle, Este and Alana, HAIM are one of the principal acts at this first post-covid Laneway. Having come to the industry’s attention with their 2012 EP Forever, they have created many hits since, including 2014’s ‘The Wire’ and more recently appearing on ‘no body, no crime’ by Taylor Swift. Previously, they’ve made it clear they reject the ‘girl-band’ label attributed to so many groups, their soft pop-rock sound has been influenced by icons such as Destiny’s Child and Joni Mitchell.

Festival-goers can expect a wide range of genre-bending melodies when they close out the night here in Aotearoa, combined with their characteristic intensive stage presence.




Joji is certainly an artist with an interesting career path. Originally rising to fame under the name ‘Filthy Frank’ in 2011, the stage name of Joji became George Miller’s main focus in 2017. With lo-fi beats and melancholic themes paired with soulful vocals, Miller described his music as ‘dark love songs’, a sentiment echoed in 2022’s ‘A Glimpse of Us’ which went viral on TikTok.

His most recent album Smithereens has been praised for its production and vulnerability. The album has been described as refined and a shift towards a more mature sound by music critics, and with a worldwide fan base, Joji is for sure one of the most anticipated acts of the festival.





Hitting our shores just before the imminent release of his third album UGLY coming soon, Laneway is the perfect time to get into gritty British rapper slowthai.

With his raw, politically charged lyricism and roughened instrumentals, slowthai is a star on the rise. Recently touring with Laneway alum Tyler the Creator in 2019, UGLY promises further bouts of slowthai’s signature passionate grime-punk and he’ll no doubt perform an electrifying set.





Finneas is a man that truly needs no introduction. Immeasurably famous in his own right, this soulfully romantic musician is perhaps known best for his supporting production on younger sister Billie Eilish’s work – but he’s got an impressive discography. Both fronting his own band, The Slightly, and regularly intimate tracks, he’s worked with many of the industry’s best – most recently singing on Ashe’s track ‘Till Forever Falls Apart.’

A voice that’s transcended many genres over time, with the explosion surrounding his debut album Optimist in late 2021, Finneas seems destined to bring us everything we want – and more. 





There’s A Tuesday have been seeing an enviable ascension lately. This four-piece pop band was formed by friends Joel, Nat, Gus and Minnie, they opened for Conan Gray on his Superache tour that recently graced Auckland and have been in the studio to bring fans some forthcoming upbeat tunes. After signing to BENEE’s independent label Olive Records in 2021, their hit ‘Bus Stop’ took the local world by storm.

Like many of us, they’re super excited to watch Phoebe Bridgers perform, as she’s been one of their long-time primary inspirations and dream collaborator. As one of the earliest acts of the day, we can’t wait for their indie-pop crooning bops to be showcased at this iconic festival for their second appearance there.





Backseat Lovers are the indie-rock darlings we can’t get enough of lately. A quartet formed in Utah in 2018, their debut single ‘Kilby Girl’ racked up over 200 million streams across platforms, sparking a dedicated fanbase. Debut album Waiting to Kill arrived last October, bringing with it tunes that encompass the themes of connection and growing up, making it easy for them to strike at the hearts of young listeners.

While they’re setting off on their European tour in spring this year, it’s pretty lucky we get to experience this budding powerhouse before they truly become music’s next ‘it’ thing.






With their powerful pop-punk sound and messages that aim to encourage listeners to experience life tied up in hilariously dark singles, Yard Act came out of lockdown and became a sensation. Debuting with single ‘The Trapper’s Pelts’ in 2020 and continuing with debut album The Overload in January 2022 through Island Records, their fans include legends like Ed Sheeran and Elton John.

Totalling 11 tracks, concertgoers attending their set can expect witty, highly political topics covering everything from gentrification to capitalism, tied up in a captivating surrealist perspective.







The Map:


What to Bring:


  • ID, for entry 
  • Your ticket …. duh
  • Sunscreen and hat if possible – Auckland sun can be brutal in the summer, and Western Springs isn’t known for its shade potential
  • Small bag for your valuables
  • Portable charger for phone – important to keep powered up through the day to get your best shots and videos!
  • Water bottle – hydration is extremely important for festival stamina
  • Camera (if you have one!) – while detachable lenses aren’t permitted, disposables and other cameras will go a long way in this environment