Demi Lovato is one of the most prolific pop stars of the 2010s, after shooting to fame when they scored the lead in Disney’s Sonny With A Chance. Despite having their personal life in the public eye, Demi remains known for their powerhouse vocals, rawness, and empowering attitude. Here we take a journey through Demi’s most iconic music videos through the ages.


La La Land (2008)

Who can forget Demi Lovato’s transition to the music world with their first big single, ‘La La Land’, a catchy pop-rock track that criticises the Hollywood machine for the expectations it sets for its stars, something Demi struggled with when they were only 16. This music video is an ultimate blast from the past, starring the Sonny With A Chance cast and some very 2000’s Red Carpet outfits.

Don’t Forget (2009)

Starting with Demi staring out the window of thei tour bus before walking through a carnival in the rain, this music video sets the tone for this 2009 heart-wrenching classic written with their pals at the time, the Jonas Brothers. The music video works its way up to a performance in the rain and is completed with a wet hair flip. ‘Don’t Forget’ is one of young Demi’s most cathartic videos.

Skyscraper (2011)

One of Demi’s biggest hits to date, ‘Skyscraper’ boasts a simple video for a powerful song that focuses on their personal journey. At only 18 years old, Demi became a symbol of strength after they came clean with their struggle with addiction as a young star. Shot in the desert with Demi in a flowing white dress along with powerful imagery like walking on glass and a heart in a glass case, this music video is an ode to Demi’s emotional strength remains and remains poignant to this date.

Give Your Heart a Break (2012)

In one of their most popular singles, the video tells the story of Demi & their on-screen boyfriend who they’ve had a fight with. The wholesome video follows Demi rifling through photos of their relationship together that lead heart-warming flashbacks. The final result is a gigantic photo collage of the couple that seals the deal and wins their man back.

Heart Attack (2013)

In one of their edgier singles, this artistic music video focuses on using powerful black and white imagery to show the light and dark internal struggle of falling in love and opening up, cutting between a fresh faced Demi on a white background smearing black paint on themselves and a full rock n roll set up that shows Demi clad in black against flashing lights. It’s a visually striking music video that compliments the edgy track.


Really Don’t Care (2014)

Filmed on location at the June 2014 LA Pride Parade with documentary style clips,  this is one feel-good anthem that celebrates the LGBTQ community and encourages everyone to be their true selves. The colourful music video also stars Demi’s live performance at the parade, and that in combination with a feature from British star Cher Lloyd really adds to the X Factor of this high energy pop track.

Cool For The Summer (2015)

This edgy video follows Demi’s dream Summer night in the City of Angels. Filled with neon lights, passion, partying, and fun, ‘Cool For The Summer’ saw a short-haired and sultry Demi Lovato take the centre stage to shake off any remnants of the old Disney Demi. One of Demi’s biggest pop hits, this crazy video will make you want to grab your friends and party into the early hours of the morning.

Confident (2015)

This music video is so captivating, it’s verging on a short film which served as a reminder to the world that Demi  is a force to be reckoned with. In this empowerment anthem, Lovato stars as a convict turned bounty hunter that teams up with Michelle Rodriguez as they capture a crook and come out on top.

Sorry Not Sorry (2017)

Another wild music video in which Demi throws a pool party at their LA pad back in June of 2017. Half vlog style and half shot professionally, what ensues is a fun fuelled night filled with guest celebrity stars and drunken antics that sticks a middle finger up to the haters.

I Love Me (2020)

Demi’s back in full force in 2020 and is stronger than ever. They came back into the spotlight with their relatable self-love anthem, “I Love Me”. The music video plays out scene-by-scene and is full of powerful symbols and motifs of all of their past hardships as they overcome them all to come out as the most bad-ass version of themselves, putting all of those criticising voices behind them. Go Demi!


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