From the outside, Post Malone looks like a riddle that’s impossible to solve. Although technically classed as a rapper, the star harmonises more than he freestyles and blends genres together to create a sound so unique yet so strangely familiar that we can only associate him with that particular beat. His face tattoos often don’t match his designer custom-made suits and if you ask anyone in the biz, they’ll say that despite all the lavish lifestyle lyrics, he’s the most down-to-earth person they’ve ever met.

The complexity of Post Malone is what makes him continue to stay on top of the world. It’s why his albums are highly anticipated and skyrocket to the top of the charts and why he’s been one of the biggest stars in the world for 4 years in a row. And with all his charisma, chic-meets-rockabilly-cowboy-style and sarcastic humour hidden behind heartbreak, it’s why the star is the perfect pop icon for today’s society.

We take a look at just what makes the star so likeable.

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His Relatability

Perhaps the most lovable thing about Post Malone is his relatability. He’s the type of guy who can rock a pair of $1000 Saint Laurent boots while also designing his very own limited-edition clog for Crocs. Twice. (Both designs sold out immediately and now resell for almost three times their retail price). He’s effortlessly cool with an undeniable charm, but he could also easily be hanging at your local bar. And while a good chunk of his lyrics boast about his incredibly expensive lifestyle, the person who’s behind it all is really just someone suffering from incredible heartbreak after the end of his whirlwind three-year-long relationship.


His Style

More recently than ever though, Post has become a fashion icon. Working with stylist Cathy Hahn, the star has whipped out some pretty incredible outfits including a suit covered in Dolly Parton’s face, a pink rhinestone cowboy getup, a women’s Stella McCartney faux-fur coat and plenty of custom-made airbrushed and hand-drawn pieces.


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It’s yet another curveball added to the enigma that is Post Malone, but it helps to solidify him as a complete rock star. With a style that longs to be emulated but can really only be properly pulled off by Post himself; and fingers that turn everything they touch into gold, it’s hard not to be in awe of his every move. Never once has Post Malone tried to be anyone other than himself and his authenticity stands out in a world of fashion that does all that it can to push designs out of their boundaries.

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Designed this custom fit for Mr. Posty. 🍻

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In May this year, Post Malone was officially announced as the newest brand ambassador for California-based sunglasses brand Arnette. The brand, which specialises in a nostalgic 90s aesthetic, extended its hand to Post citing him as the “perfect ambassador” to relaunch their reputation. The star collaborated on three new designs that complemented his laid-back yet bold and unconventional style, allowing fans to add a piece of Post’s stylish wardrobe to their own for a pretty affordable price. The collaboration joined Bud Light and Dickies with limited-edition Post merch clothing drops, both companies capitalising on the star’s incredible influence on our modern world.


His Influence

It seems that everything Post does is accepted with arms wide open, devoured by fans and then analysed to see how they can do the exact same. In a society that is constantly evolving and relying on more and more authenticity, it’s refereshing to have a messiah that looks and acts just like you. The change in tradition is exactly what makes Post the pop star hero we all need.

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But on top of always looking totally and in-explicitly cool, the heart and soul of Post Malone is his humility. Whether he’s accepting an award, gracing a talk show or addressing the crowd at one of his sold-out shows, his tone and genuine love for whoever he’s talking to is the same. He values the connections of every single moment and person and, whether he’s the biggest thing in music right now or not, he just seems pretty happy to be included.