A Star Is Born. The movie on everyone’s lips. A remake of the classic 1937 classic directed by William A. Wellman, A Star Is Born tells the tale of aspiring musician Ally, finding fame, fortune and love through famous country musician, Jack. The movie made us laugh, cry, and even though we didn’t know the words, we sure did try and sing along.

Here are our 5 favourite moments from the film. (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD – although, surely you have seen the film by now…)


1. When they first sing together
This is a magical moment. And despite seeing it play out hundreds of times in the trailer and music video beforehand, it was just as thrilling (if not more) to see it happen in the actual film. Iconic.


2. Drag Bar Discovery
Lady Gaga in fish net stockings, a slip red dress, drag make up, dancing on bar tables whilst absolutely nailing her rendition of ‘La Vie en Rose’. Ally was a star right from the beginning tbh…


3. “Just wanted to get another look at you”
I’m just going to stop you here, because this is the CUTEST LINE SINCE THE NOTEBOOK. Despite the fact that it’s now been made into millions of memes…this is why we can’t have nice things, guys.


4. The Proposal
We knew it was coming. We just didn’t expect it to come when it did, and we were just as surprised as Ally. During a dinner with close friends, Jack made an engagement ring out of old twisted guitar string (cute), got down on one knee, and proposed. #swoon


5. The Final Song
You’ll need to grab a couple boxes of tissues for this scene. When Jack dies (we already warned you about the spoilers, sorry) Ally takes to the stage one last time in the film to sing a tragically beautiful love song dedicated to her late husband. “Won’t ever let the sunlight in / No, I’ll never love again / I’ll never love again…” We’re not crying, YOU ARE.

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