Known for his eccentric interviewing style and personality, Nardwuar (the Human Serviette) loves to research guests and find out things most probably wouldn’t even know about them. In his 2017 YouTube interview with Post Malone, Nardwuar uncovers all of the rapper’s musical roots, questions him about his childhood best friends and gifts him some amazing original memorabilia pieces. Here are some of our favourite moments from the interview.


Post’s Love of Johnny Cash

It may come as a shock but one of Post Malone’s biggest musical influences is actually Johnny Cash, something that Nardwuar well and truly taps into. He gifts the rapper an original Johnny Cash 7” from 1960, proceeding to then ask about Post’s Johnny Cash tattoo and his experience in visiting the memorial museum in Nashville. Another gift is then presented – an original 1960s Johnny Cash tour programme. Check out Post’s reactions below.


The Haggard

Another musical influence Post cites is country singer Merle Haggard, earning him another generous gift of an original 1966 tour programme. “He’s just incredible,” he replies when Nardwuar asks him what he can say about the iconic star. “He’s just a legend.”


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Hank Williams Jr and Sr’s Suits

Post’s next gift is a Hank Williams Jr and Sr LP of greatest hits, one that really seems to touch his heart. After commenting on the “beautiful cut” of the two suits each wore on the cover, Post explains his love for Hank Williams Jr’s rendition of “Tear in My Beer” with his dad’s vocals and the connection it has with him and his mum.



Post’s JFK Tattoo

Recalling the time he got a JFK tattoo in New York, Post opens up about his love for John F. Kennedy and says he loves the late president because “he really spoke true sh*t.” Nardwuar then gifts him an original 1963 LP of JFK’s speeches, something that Post has had his eye on for a while, and his reaction is priceless.


The Elvis Gum

After pointing out Post’s Elvis Presley tattoo, Nardwuar gifts the rapper some authentic Elvis Presley chewing gum from 1981. “This is awesome,” Post says through laughter. “This is rare.”