We have just had what is perhaps the most important holiday of the year – World Sleep Day!

In case (like us) you might have missed it, let us give you permission right now to take that afternoon nap which you’ve been considering all day. There’s no better day for waking up at 9pm after a 4-hour nap than today… And let’s just say, it’s totally acceptable to go back to bed after that too.

We’ve got the gift of all gifts to celebrate the occasion. Here’s a compilation of our favourite chill performances. Whether you need someone to sing you to a serene sleep or simply rewind after a stressful week, this is the perfect remedy. Let the sleeping begin!


1. London Grammar – (ARTE Concert Festival)

London Grammar’s dreamy-pop/general-killer music provides the perfect soundtrack for World Sleep Day. And if you’re a novice to their music, this mini concert is a brilliant introduction. Get ready to become absolutely obsession with ‘Californian Soil’ because this stripped-down version is made of dreams (plays at 03.56). Lead singer, Hannah Reid’s voice sounds and feels like all the muscles in your body relaxing. Who needs a chiropractor when you can have great music?


2. Maggie Rogers – Fallingwater (Live on Saturday Night Live)

Our favorite witchy feminist (the most brilliant statement on an artist’s merch) rock star Maggie Rogers gifts us this hypnotizing performance. From the 70s-esque red dress to that bridge, it is everything. Beware though, you’ll be taken so completely under her spell that she might send you into a well-deserved deep slumber. You cannot miss the bridge, however. Make sure to skip to the 3-minute mark as this is undoubtedly one of her best performances ever.


3. Muroki – Light Me Up (Acoustic)

Let us transport you to Raglan for this one. And thankfully, Muroki is here to welcome us. We love this acoustic rendition of ‘Light Me Up’.  Muroki’s vocals are extra soothing with the added atmosphere of his hometown’s surf culture. You can basically smell the beach through the screen. There’s no way you can feel stressed watching this performance. It is a reminder that the ocean is always in sight. Forget about all your commitments and let’s go back to summer.


4. Haim – Summer Girl in the Live Lounge

And if we’re speaking of summer, it’s never one without HAIM. This jam session with our favourite sisters is simply incredible. And it reveals the secret to sleep… A saxophone. Who knew it was possible to feel so soothed by one? We certainly didn’t but we definitely do not. And don’t worry, even in a chill jam session, Este’s bass face still pulls through for extra joy points.


5. Lana del Rey – Let Me Love You Like A Woman at The Ally Coalition 7thAnnual Talent Show

If you’re just as obsessed with thunderstorm-remixes as we are, then this is the performance for you. And if you’re not educated, let us give you a class! Your next spiritual experience is a simple Google search away. Search up your favourite song and add “thunderstorm” and you’ll find a new treasure. And Lana’s vocals in this have that exact effect. She truly is a thunderstorm herself. But perhaps the best kind, one where she’ll instead bring you calamity in this stressful world.


6. Cat and Calmell – dumbshit (Acoustic)

Our Sydney favourites are here to take you to prom with this official video for their acoustic version of ‘dumbshit’. Everything about this video will set forth all the fantasizing inspiration you’ll ever need. And might we just add, it’s further an aesthetic dream. The colours are everything. It’s a cinematic experience, one with well… The perfect soundtrack.


7. Cat Stevens – The Wind (live, Majikat – Earth Tour 1976)

Here’s one from the vault and boy is it a treasure. We’ve tried to stay away from live shows because let’s be real, there’s no need to feel jealous of those in a crowd at 12.21am. We’re trying to sleep here! The timelessness of this song is unmatched. And if you’re looking for good energy before bed, Cat Stevens provies the perfect aura.


8. Florence and the Machine – NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

It would be illegal to not include a Tiny Desk concert. We’re absolutely obsessed with them. Who doesn’t want to see the biggest artists in the world going back to basics? This performance is incredible because you’re able to tell how nervous Florence is. She’s a naturally shy person by nature, often feeling best in front of a giant crowd. You’d never be able to tell though… How could we forget her 2019 Laneway performance? P.S if you’re looking for extra zen from Florence, you absolutely must watch her house tour.


9. Sam Smith – Kids Again (Live for SiriusXM)

Performing ‘Kids Again’ from their new album, it is a reminder of the raw talent Sam holds. There’s nothing better than seeing them completely stripped-back and vulnerable in their art. This one will catch you right in the feels though, so beware! Precaution is absolutely necessary. You might just find yourself stalking your ex instead of sleeping. Let’s not disrespect the holiday here!


10. Dean Lewis – Stay Awake (Acoustic)

Don’t be alarmed by the title, we’re simply suckers for puns and well… Dean Lewis. With a beginning in sound engineering, he sure knows how to satisfy the eardrums! And with a voice like this, there’s no one more fitting to wrap up World Sleep Day. Let the sleep begin!


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