Our favourite dreamy pop-rock group LANY are in the exciting build up to their forthcoming album ‘mama’s boy’ arriving October 2nd, and we cannot WAIT to hear it. Here’s the run down on what we know so far…


‘you’ is their latest track, single, and music video

Ahead of the release of LANY’s third studio album ‘mama’s boy’, they’ve shared with fans a plethora of videos, posts, and pics. But perhaps the most exciting has been the new music. Their third and most recent track released is ‘you’, an emotional ballad that’ll have you singing along by the time the track winds up. With a kids choir chiming in for the latter half of the song, the end result is such a powerful track that it’s been likened to Christian worship music – which is definitely possible, given front man Paul Klein’s early roots in the Church.


‘Mama’s Boy’ is a gear shift from Malibu Nights

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Always delivering on the aesthetic aspects of their music (to the extent where they’ve cleared their whole Instagram in the build-up to ‘mama’s boy’), LANY have also let fans know what kind of vibe to expect from their next piece of work.

Front man Klein has made it clear that ‘mama’s boy’ is a move away from their previous heartbreak album ‘Malibu Nights’. Detailing in an Instagram post, he revealed in a type-written note that ‘mama’s boy’ encapsulates ideas of home, nostalgia, lessons learned, and ultimately an appreciation for life and the little things. Klein thinks that there is something for everyone in there, full of ‘happy’ love songs and a distinct lack of sad ones (minus the track aptly titled ‘sad’, he shared).

Speaking more on this, he shared; “There was only one person in the world I cared about hearing [last album] Malibu Nights. Now, there’s not one person in the world I don’t want to hear ‘mama’s boy’.”


‘Mama’s Boy’ will seem them come back to their rural Mid-Western roots.

Despite the common misconception that LANY are a Los Angeles born & raised band (lots of the confusion can be attributed to the fact that their band name is a mash up of Los Angeles & New York, latter homes of the band members), on ‘mama’s boy’ the trio own their Mid-Western, Southern Oklahoma roots with pride.

To enhance the country-pop vibes, the foundation of ‘mama’s boy’ was formed in a studio just outside Nashville. It was during this time Klein started to process the cognitive dissonance between the dreamy-pop LA aesthetic that was the basis of so much of their discography, and began to embrace his all-American roots.

“Someone asked me where I was from and somewhere, out of my spirit, I just said ‘Man, I’m from Oklahoma!’ It was a weird sense of pride, to be from the middle of nowhere,” he shared. It was this realisation that led him to America’s rural heartland for this album’s inspiration.
Going deeper though, ‘mama’s boy’ is all about the idea of home, upbringing, and family – the simple yet meaningful things in life that we learn to appreciate as we get older with a loving sense of nostalgia. All signs point towards ‘mama’s boy’ being a sweeping tribute to home, filled with songs that highlight what’s “symbolic of being an American kid” today.


It’s got some big names on the production credits

Another way in which LANY are going big on ‘mama’s boy’ are via the production credits.
LANY are no strangers to working with legendary producers, like Mike Crossey who worked on ‘Malibu Nights’ and ‘mama’s boy’. Crossey is best known for his work with English alternative bands – think The Kooks, Artic Monkeys, and The 1975 kind of vibe.

In addition to this, they’ve enlisted power producing duo Sasha Sloan and King Henry, Dan Smyers of Dan and Shay fame, Tyler Johnson who producer Harry Styles last two albums, as well and Shane McAnally who worked with Kacey Musgraves on her Grammy award winning album ‘Golden Hour’, an album that Klein cites as one of his favourites and an inspiration for ‘mama’s boy’. With this much clout behind the record, the bar is already set high.


We’ve got the track list & release date



Along with the arrival of their latest track ‘you’ they announced the album release date for October 2nd via a sneaky picture of a ‘mama’s boy’ billboard in Klein’s hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was then fans got their hands on the full list, which reads as:

1. you!
2. cowboy in LA
3. heart won’t let me
4. if this is the last time
5. i still talk to jesus
6. paper
7. good guys
8. sharing you
9. bad news
10. when you’re drunk
11. anything 4 u
12. sad
13. (what i wish just one person would say to me)
14. nobody else

So far, a running album is being created on Spotify starring ‘you!’, ‘if this is the last time’, and ‘good guys’. Less than a month to go till we get the whole thing – and we are definitely counting the days down.

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