Since arriving on the scene in 2009, London Grammar has been shaping the music scene with Hannah Reid’s effervescent vocals along with Dot Major & Dan Rothman’s minimal yet modern production. Over the years London Grammar have built an accomplished discography that has explored different sounds and sub-genres along the way. It’s now been four years since their last album Truth Is A Beautiful Thing, and finally this year fans can get ready for their third album Californian Soil which will be out Friday 16th April 2021. To celebrate it’s arrival, we’ve hand picked five of our favourite tracks (so far) from the English trio’s catalogue.


1. Strong (2013)

One of the group’s biggest commercial singles to date and one of the many hits taken from their debut album, 2013’s ‘Strong’ showcases the trio’s strengths. Pared back synths and keys brings the focus back to their vulnerable and brooding lyricism before the track builds to a soulful chorus. A minimalistic and hypnotic song that shows their undeniable talent, it’s no surprise this was one of the singles that pushed them into the spotlight around the globe. ‘Strong’ is a timeless track that many will already know and love that’s essential to any London Grammar collection.


2. Baby It’s You (2020)

Their first track after a three year hiatus following their second album, 2017’s Truth Is Beautiful Thing, ‘Baby It’s You’ was a powerful comeback. Euphoric, sentimental, and full of joy, this single comes to life on the soaring hook. Front woman & vocalist Hannah Reid shared that the song is about “being at a festival and being in love,” and creates an aural sense of this as the song flows, filled with vibrant melodies and sleek production. Easy listening and more upbeat than some of their older tracks, ‘Baby It’s You’ is the kind of effortlessly addictive song made for live performance.


3. Let You Know [with Flume] (2019)

Collaborating with one of Australia’s greats, Flume & London Grammar created a love song that’ll tug on your heartstrings. The track is given a futuristic edge thanks to Flume’s production and is brought to life by Hannah’s touching vocals. Speaking on the collaboration Reid shared, “Working with Harley was an honour because he pushes the boundaries of electronic music like nobody else. He’s the kind of electronic artist who will be around forever. I love our song we did together”. It’s one that may have flown under your radar, and if so, it’s worth adding to your playlist.


4. Non Believer (2017)

‘Non Believer’ is one of the gems taken from their sophomore album, 2017’s Truth is a Beautiful Thing. Mixing up their usual sound, the production takes a step into the world of dark synth pop. Revealing an edgier side to them, the song takes on a unique theme of apprehensively warning a friend about a love interest with questionable intentions. Reid doubts her advice, singing, “maybe she loves you, and I’m just a preacher”. The rhythmic two step beat creates a strong foundation for the track while the appearance of autotune gives the track a strong sense of uniqueness.


5. How Does It Feel (2021)

The fourth offering from Californian Soil, ‘How Does It Feel’ explores elements of light and dark both lyrically and sonically to create a beautiful sense of harmony. With raw & emotional lyrics paired with an electro pop beat, it’s a new style for London Grammar – and the dichotomy between the lyrics and production is more than endearing.

Sharing her thoughts on the track, Hannah Reid explains: “I’ve always loved pop music. Some of my favourite writers and singers are female, many who are younger than me but who are absolutely smashing the pop world with amazing songs. This song started off as an experiment, and ended up being one of my favourites on the record. Along with our alternative side, this creates a light and shade on our album that I’ve always wanted to achieve.”


London Grammar’s third album Californian Soil is set to arrive on 16th April 2021. They have already shared several tracks set to feature on the album including the title track ‘Californian Soil’ and ‘Lose Your Head’ in anticipation of its arrival. If the group’s new releases and excitement for Californian Soil is anything to go by, we are set to get our hands on some of their best music yet.


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