When Jimmy Fallon introduced Maggie Rogers for her television debut, her told us to”remember the name.” So we did.

Over a year on, Maggie Rogers has catapulted into music stardom with her unique sound combining her folk roots with an acquired passion for electronic music. If you’re new to the name Maggie Rogers, or maybe she’s come up on your Weekly Discover Playlist, here is a little bit more about the songstress.


1. She brought Pharrell Williams to tears. 

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably seen the video of Pharrell Williams listening to “Alaska” for the first time during a masterclass at New York University. This was Maggie Roger’s big break. She rose to fame almost immediately after that video was released. During that session, Pharrell was struck so deeply by Maggie’s song, he shed a couple tears!!!


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2. She started playing the harp at age 7.

Interesting musical instrument to play at only 7! Maggie loved classical composers such as Gustav Holst and Antonio Vivaldi. Once she reached middle school, Maggie could also play piano, guitar and started song writing by age 14.


3. She is an avid Hiker.

In a sit down interview with Parrell on Beats 1, Maggie opens up how hiking is a stress reliever for her. After the video where Pharrell heard Alaska went viral on June 1st 2016, she describes the how she felt a massively overwhelmed by the sudden pressure of signing deals and releasing music, that on the same day Alaska was officially released, she got on a plane and went hiking by herself.


4. A lot of her music is inspired by nature.

Many of her songs include nature sounds such as rattle snakes, bird whistles / calls and trees. The song “Alaska” was inspired by a period in her life after her freshman year in college when she took a month long hiking trip in Alaska.


5. She’s friends with Camilla Mendes.

Camilla and Maggie were best mates when they both attended New York University together. As the Pharrell video went viral, Camilla had just been cast in Riverdale, so both their lives changed drastically at the same time. Camilla also stars in Maggie’s video for “Give A Little”.


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6. She has a rare neurological condition.

Maggie has the neurological condition known as synesthesia, sound-to-color; specific notes have corresponding colors appear. Artists like Billy Joel, Pharrell Williams and Charlie XCX also share this amazing condition. Rogers has said that her album Heard It In A Past Life is filled with “lapis lazuli and deep vibrant reds, colors that take up space.”


7. She used to be obsessed with pink eye shadow.

“One of the key signifiers for me that I was interested in making pop music was that I started wearing more pink eye shadow. Before I’d go out I’d put pink eye shadow on. And then I was like oh suddenly I don’t fit in this box of a folk musician. Then I was like well maybe I like pop music. But the real indicator was this eye shadow.”


8. She has Opened for Mumford & Sons.

On the Mumford & Sons Delta World Tour, Maggie joined the band plus Michael Kiwanuka and Leon Bridges. Her song ‘Light On’ actually replaced Mumford & Sons for the #1 spot on Billboards AAA chart.


9. Pete Davidson proposed to her.

Okay not seriously. When Maggie was the musical guest on SNL she was joined by Jonah Hill and Pete Davidson during the shows introduction, when Pete turns to her and said, “Hey Maggie, I’m Pete. You wanna get married?” Unsurprisingly, she quickly rejects the proposal which was all fun and games, however Ariana Grande didn’t seem too impressed…Talk about awkward.


10. Environmental Activist

This comes as no surprise. Nature and the environment is strewn through all her music. She is not shy to speak up for climate change, environmental political issues and saving the planet. Even describes herself as an environmentalist in her website bio.