It’s Valentine’s Day! And what better way to celebrate the one you love than with a classic Drake love song? Our sensitive king is no stranger to wearing his heart on his sleeve and throughout his lengthy career he’s dropped his fair share of emotional tracks that have totally pulled at our heartstrings. So, whether your loved one makes you feel like a teenager again or they’ve simply got you in your feelings, these are our 10 fave love songs from the 6 God to help you spread the admiration on this gooey day. 


1. ‘Take Care ft. Rihanna’ (2012)

In one of the greatest collabs between the two, Drake and Rihanna really did something with this hit. Not only did it spawn the magical and idealised romance between them both that we low-key still ship, but it was and still is just a perfect modern love song. Representing two people who have been hurt in the past now promising to look after one another, ‘Take Care’ is a simple yet powerful ode to the one you love. The music video even takes it a step further and showcases the ups and downs of a relationship by using animals, poaching and wildfires and then the iconic duo amongst it all holding on. 


2. ‘Teenage Fever’ (2018)

The unexpected commercial mixtape More Life brought with it a lot of surprises, one of them being this sultry track that saw Drake go back to his earlier R&B roots. Using a sample of Jennifer Lopez’s 1999 hit ‘If You Had My Love’, Drake transitions from his previous relationship that didn’t work out to his new one that’s just getting started. And he’s so excited for this new flame that he just can’t get enough, resulting the fling to ‘teenage fever.’ 


3. ‘Best I Ever Had’ (2009)

The first song to truly put Drake on the map for his loved-up quips, this track foolishly drools over a dream girl and sees the rapper doing whatever he can to make her know it. It’s a love-letter-turned-rap and it absolutely killed the game when it first dropped (in fact, it remained Drake’s highest-charting single until he hit number one with ‘One Dance’ in 2016). Listening back to a young, romantic Drake is somewhat bittersweet, but this is one hell of a Valentine’s tune. 


4. ‘Make Me Proud ft. Nicki Minaj’ (2011)

Described as being almost a follow up to ‘Best I Ever Had’, this track is a love letter to women. When a female friend of his stated that “there was nothing on the radio to make women feel good about themselves”, Drake penned ‘Make Me Proud’ to essentially remind women everywhere he’s forever in awe of them. While the song falls into the Nicki and Drake fairytale romance, Drake’s verses are kept vague as to not be about one specific interest. And delivering one of her greatest verses, Minaj reminds us all she’s one of the best in the game and shines a light on female empowerment everywhere. 


5. ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home ft. Majid Jordan’ (2013)

The suave bedroom hit was new territory for Drake and opened up doors for him to continue to walk through for the rest of his career. Described as being a “Quincy Jones/Michael Jackson love song”, the rapper joined forces with new labelmates Majid Jordan to make a euphoric R&B tune that would become one of his best. A perfect wedding/prom track that immediately has you dragging your lover to the dancefloor. 



Muroki – Find Me



6. ‘In My Feelings’ (2018)

Although the track has since turned itself into a viral dance meme, the basis of its adoration still stands. Drake really is in his feelings. Pining after unknown girls (there’s speculation from the names provided, but nothing has been confirmed), the rapper begs for reassurance that who he loves does indeed love him back. This is a great song to play to that crush you just can’t get enough of. Let V-Day be the day to see if they’re riding, and if they’ll never, ever leave from beside you. 


7. ‘Fire & Desire’ (2016)

A hidden gem in Drake’s most pop-like album Views, ‘Fire & Desire’ is a moody slow song that again sees the rapper pining after someone he’s yet to have. Stripping everything back almost, the song sees Drake get vulnerable over a simple trap beat and the lyrics just might be some of his best. The track is a mature yearning for love, and it hits you right in the chest every single time. 


  8. ‘The Real Her’ (2011)

On this downtempo track from the emotional Take Care, Drake praises a female dancer and finds himself quickly falling in love with her. While it may just be another square cut from the same cloth, the sentiment of the song is actually something really sweet. Despite the impressions from others, Drake feels as though he knows the real her and he’s in absolute awe of her. Cue more pining and love letter lines!


9. ‘Find Your Love’ (2010)

The start of the Jamaican dancehall grooves that would become a staple in his music, Drake’s early hit set the stage for all hopeless romantics. Determined to leave his past of bad relationships behind, the rapper is wishful for a true love where nothing will ever tear them apart. The throwback was originally written for Rihanna … is that another chapter of their love story we see?


10. ‘Finesse’ (2018)

The smooth, slowed down track from the R&B side of Scorpion sees Drake admire an unknown woman, preferring that she was the mother of his child instead of who actually is. As he rolls off things he loves about this woman; he admits he can’t stop thinking about her and would do anything for them to be together, such as cancelling his commitments. What more of a V-Day Drake song do you need? 



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