Eminem has just dropped the freakishly large video for Godzilla (feat. Juice WRLD) and WHEW. It’s nothing short of pure insanity. Directed by “new-school” director Cole Bennett (Lucid Dreams, Thotiana), the pair teamed up to create a memorable video packed to the brim with references and cameos. Let’s recap five of the best moments from the video!


1. Remember Me?

Em showing love to his certified classic My Name Is and Without Me music videos is exactly what we needed in 2020. Just seeing the ol’ My Name Is persona reinterpreted was a blast from the past and the extremely subtle nod to the head brace from Without Me is sure to please his die hard fans.


2. The Ones That Came Before

There is nothing quite like seeing Em spittin’ pure bars while perched on a pile of his albums. It’s an entire moment and a half. From The Eminem Show to Music To Be Murdered By, all of Ems’ classics are here. We also can’t forget about the great reference to late rapper and featured artist Juice WRLDs discography, having his albums prominently displayed beside Em. Literal chills.


3. The Real Slim Shady

Never one to shy away from references, Em manages to slip in a few nods to his famed 1999 release “The Slim Shady LP” with scenes showing Em acting as both roles from this iconic cover! Another nod to the record sees fan favourite track “Just Don’t Give A…” briefly played in the background of a scene.


4. Mike Tyson’s Punch Out

I don’t think anyone anticipated this, a surprise cameo by the legendary Mike freakin’ Tyson! For his brief cameo, he accidentally punches a drunk Eminem in the face and winds up with him at the hospital for one of the funniest and most memorable moments in the entire video.


5. The Doctor Will See You Now

Can’t forget about Dre — the iconic doctor himself scrubs up for this memorable cameo, giving us an iconic scene with Mike, Dre and Em all coming together. #Iconic.


Check out the brand new music video for Godzilla (feat. Juice WRLD) below.