With his frank Scottish humour, dulcet singing voice and happy-go-lucky personality, Lewis Capaldi is taking the world by storm. Over the past few years, the ‘Someone You Loved’ hitmaker has soared to the top of the charts, sweeping up critical acclaim and dozens of major industry awards. But thanks to his total musical relatability, he’s also won the hearts of many adoring fans. To celebrate the release of his new single ‘Forget Me’, here are Lewis Capaldi’s most relatable lyrical moments.


I’m not ready to find out you know how to forget me” – ‘Forget Me’

Lewis’s latest release, ‘Forget Me’, is a silky smooth pop track, led by glistening pianos and his strikingly emotional voice. Opting to write his own press release for the single, Lewis summarised the track as simply, “​​I meet lady, lady leaves me, I whine about it in a pop song. Textbook.” It’s a style he’s proven himself highly capable at. His breakthrough ballad, ‘Someone You Loved’, left us swooning at his heartfelt sad-boy lyrics, and landed him on the charts in twenty-nine different countries.

‘Forget Me’ deals with seeing someone you used to love moving on, when you’re not yet ready yourself. It’s a bittersweet and vulnerable moment for someone as loveable as Lewis. One thing’s for certain, after this amazing track, we certainly won’t forget him any time soon.


Was there something I could’ve said to make your heart beat better? If only I’d have known you had a storm to weather” – ‘Before You Go’


Lewis’s smash-hit single ‘Before You Go’ is one of the most earnest, emotional songs in his discography. It pays tribute to his aunt who committed suicide during his childhood, mourning her loss and questioning how nobody realised what she was going through. For those of us who have seen loved ones go through difficult times, this story cuts deep.

The accompanying music video features a stunning performance from Lewis, playing guitar in an empty bedroom and reminiscing over his loss. From an artist with such a down-to-earth attitude and upbeat sense of humour, ‘Before You Go’ is a particularly touching moment, defining Lewis’s ability to write about hard experiences in hauntingly beautiful ways.



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How come I’m the only one who ever seems to get in my way?” – ‘Maybe’


A deep cut from Lewis’s 2019 debut album Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent, ‘Maybe’ is a groovy guitar track with self-deprecating lyrics. It’s an honest realisation of his self-destructive tendencies. But it’s not simply a sad song about his issues with himself. Lewis recognises his mistakes and the things that hold him back, so he can learn how to change and grow.

Despite his explosive path to fame, Lewis still faces his fair share of struggles. He was recently diagnosed with Tourettes, opening up about the news to raise awareness. And in true Lewis fashion, his response to the news was as upbeat as ever — “I thought I had, like, some horrible degenerative disease, so I’ll take Tourettes”. It’s clear he’s fought a lot of battles in his life, making his most honest lyrics about mental and physical health hit that much harder.


I let my guard down and then you pulled the rug” – ‘Someone You Loved’


The inescapable magic of ‘Someone You Loved’ dominated airwaves in 2020. Although it may at first seem like another failed romance anthem, Lewis revealed the track is actually about a beloved family member passing, in his hilariously frank acceptance speech for Song of the Year at the Brit Awards.

“Contrary to popular belief, a lot of people think this song is about my ex-girlfriend, who you can now see every night on Love Island”, he quipped. “But it’s actually about my grandmother… So thanks to my grandmother for, uh, dying?” Even in dark moments, Lewis’s comedy shines through. And of course, there’s nothing more relatable than a man who holds his award in one hand and a beer bottle in the other.

‘Someone You Loved’ is brutally honest, and it’s a testament to Lewis’s songwriting ability that the song’s harrowing lyrics about loss apply to so many situations. It’s tough to open up to someone, only for them to slip out of your grasp. Lewis knows the feeling all too well, and he perfectly expresses it to provide relief for those of us going through the same thing.



I hope I never lose the bruises that you left behind” – ‘Bruises’


Originally self-released in 2017 before Lewis signed to his record label, ‘Bruises’ saw an international re-release as the lead single from his EP Bloom. It’s lucky we got another chance to hear this simple, sweeping ballad about the end of a relationship. Backed by nothing but a gentle piano, ‘Bruises’ voices break-up pain in a way that’s truthful, sincere, and tugs immediately at the heartstrings. It’s a hard feeling to process, but one many of us have experienced.

Lewis is clearly no stranger to heartbreak. But what’s most admirable about him is his ability to pick himself up and get through it. ‘Bruises’ even sees these difficult times as battle scars worth celebrating. When Lewis declares in the chorus that he doesn’t want to lose the visual evidence of what he’s been through, he speaks to the beauty in pain, and the victory in coming out the other side even stronger for it.



Lewis Capaldi’s newest single ‘Forget Me’ is OUT NOW.