‘Stranger Things’ fans will understand me when I say that if Ariana Grande’s latest album, ‘Sweetener’ is her version of the ‘the upside down’ then I wouldn’t mind being stuck there. This reference is based on the upside down picture of the pop megastar in the cover art of her fourth studio album. With hits like ‘no tears left to cry’ and ‘God is a woman’, the recently released ‘Sweetener’ finds Ariana coming into her own and adding a unique and personal touch to her stunning vocals. If you’ve recently delved into the world of Ariana or you simply want to brush up on your Ari knowledge, here are 10 things you may not know about Ariana Grande.


1. Ariana started singing as young as 3 years Of Age

Yes, Ariana is a lifelong veteran when it comes to singing. This is probably – no, definitely the reason why she is so unbelievably accurate at impersonating many of the greats, such as Whitney Houston and Céline Dion. You can check out some of her spot-on impersonations here:


2. Ariana’s Resume Also Consists of Acting

Ariana first gained fame as an actress in the role of Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon series, Victorious as well as on the show’s spin-off series, Sam & Cat. However, her acting career kick-started when she landed the lead role in the Broadway musical, ‘Annie’ at the age of 8.


3. Talent Runs In The Grande Family

Ariana picked up singing and acting from her older brother, Frankie Grande who shared his love of these disciplines with her from an early age. The two of them make a dynamic sibling duo, with Frankie also currently involved in singing, acting and dancing among other things. It is no wonder they share an unbreakable sibling bond.


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4. Ariana Is Not Afraid To Speak Her Mind

When it comes to issues such as sexism, body shaming and racism, Ariana does not hold back. Instead, she is quick to speak her mind in a way that is both upfront and empowering. A great example of this is when she shut down two radio hosts for asking her a question that she deemed to be inappropriate.


5. Ariana has over 20 tattoos!

The last count totalled at 24 (known) tattoos but there could be more. Her most recent one is at the top of her left foot and consists of the digits ‘8418’. The same digits are tattooed on her fiancée’s, Pete Davidson’s, left arm and have a special meaning. They were the badge number of Pete’s father who was one of the firefighters that tragically died during the 9/11 attacks in New York City.


6. Halloween Is Ariana’s Favourite Holiday

Ariana is obsessed with all things scary and has said before that she wishes every day were Halloween.” She simply cannot get enough of horror movies and even had a ‘Jaws’ themed party as a young child, one that left all of her friends running away and crying. Her obsession with scary things at such a young age had her mum thinking she might grow up to be serial killer….


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7. Ariana Currently Has Nine Dogs

The last time I checked, which was right before I wrote this, Ariana’s dog count has reached a total of 9. There’s Strauss, Pignoli, Coco, Cinnamon, Lafayette, Myron, Sirius, Ophelia and my favourite, Toulouse. What’s even cooler is that all of them are rescue dogs! It just goes to show how kind hearted the talented Ariana is.


8. Ariana is Allergic to Cats

It is no wonder Ariana is such a big dog lover because, as she tweeted back in 2010, she is allergic to cats. Her other allergies include shellfish and bananas.


9. Sweetener Is Ariana’s Fourth Album

As mentioned above, ‘Sweetener’ is Ariana’s fourth studio album. Her previous studio albums were ‘Yours Truly’, ‘My Everything’ and ‘Dangerous Woman’. If you’re wanting to explore the world of Ariana, then I highly recommend listening to each one of her albums as they all give insight into the stage that she was at in her life at the time that she wrote them. Just recently it was announced that ‘Sweetener’ reached over 1 BILLION streams on Spotify! This is her third and fastest album to achieve this milestone. Whoop whoop!! Go Ari!


10. Ariana’s Connection With Her Fans Is Beyond Sweet

Ariana has such a sweet connection with her fans, interacting with them in any way that she can – whether that be on social media or in person. She organises surprise meet & greets with fans, visits fans in hospital and even recently re-started an entire song for a fan at a concert, when they realised they hadn’t been recording it. That’s some dedication right there!