Look, it’s time we came clean. The one the Jonas Brothers have been drooling over with heart eyes for years is us. We’ve had an epic romance, one that matches Romeo and Juliet for legacy and two five-year-old’s ‘marrying’ each other for cuteness. And we don’t want to hear another “but what about their wives?” comment. We’ve had enough of that bullying. In our hearts we know what is true, and here’s all the proof you need to show just how much Kevin, Nick and Joe equally adore their one true love. (Which is us, just in case that didn’t quite stick).


1. “When you look me in the eyes, I catch a glimpse of heaven.”

‘When You Look Me In The Eyes’ (Jonas Brothers, 2007)

A bit of a cliché if we’re honest, but we’ll take it. Few things are finer than this startling love ballad, which was originally written for Nick’s solo record (that explains why it has Nick’s vibe all over it). It’s touching, it’s really well written, and it can make entire stadiums cry from the very first note. As far as love songs written for us specifically go, this might just be one of our favourites. Thanks, Nick.


2. “I’d move the Earth and lose the fight just to see you smile, ’cause you got no flaws.”

‘What A Man Gotta Do’ (2020)

A total mood booster, this is a line we’ll never get sick of hearing. Knowing that the boys would do anything for us? It’s a rather nice feeling. The jazzy number is full of energy and represents a newly reunited band, one that’s older and happily in love. With us, remember? It stands as a standalone single currently but could be a teaser for a future love letter.


3. “I thank the oceans for giving me you. You saved me once and now I’ll save you too, I won’t hesitate for you.”

‘Hesitate’ (Happiness Begins, 2019)

Truly one of the most beautiful lines they’ve said wrapped up in one of the most beautiful songs they’ve written. The raw and loving track promises to be there in even our darkest times and apologises for their past mistakes in love. Which, of course, we forgive. Not only is the song incredibly moving but it illustrates just how much each brother has grown from their Disney days. They’re a lot more mature in love and relationships, and we’re glad we stuck with them from the start to see the growth.


4. “I think about your eyes all the time. You’re beautiful, but you don’t even try.”

‘Lovebug’ (A Little Bit Longer, 2008)

Flattery will get you nowhere boys, except for right into our hearts because this line gets us every damn time. This track is a definite favourite. The idea of the youngsters (Nick was only 15!) whipping this one out just melts our hearts. And it must be known to Nick, Joe and Kevin (who we know are reading this), we too have the lovebug for you all.


5. “And even when we’re miles and miles apart, you’re still holding all of my heart.”

‘Inseparable’ (Jonas Brothers, 2007)

We knew the boys were speaking directly to us as soon as we heard this one. Long distance loves can be tough, but we’re thankful that our other halves are as equally invested as we are. No matter where they go, or who they meet, we’re always going to be their number one. A surprisingly rocky song that differs from their loveable ballads, but still offers a heartwarming message that we always come back to.


6. “I’m a sucker for you. You say the word and I’ll go anywhere blindly.”

‘Sucker’ (Happiness Begins, 2019)

This one’s great for many reasons. Not only does it show just how in love the boys are with us, but it monumentally marked the first single the band had made since they broke up in 2013. It also introduced the new sound the band would have, an upbeat pop vibe that wasn’t too dissimilar from their earlier stuff but was catered to suit the newer times more. And we loved it. What a gift. There really is no better proof than this one.


7. “If it’s you and me forever, if it’s you and me right now I’d be alright.”

‘Fly With Me’ (Lines, Vines and Trying Times, 2009)

The Peter Pan-esque track is one of our favourites. It’s light, it’s fluffy, and it references one of our favourite Disney stories. (The other, of course, being the story of the Jonas Brothers themselves). We’ve always wanted someone to be the Peter to our Wendy, flying off to Neverland where we could live forever. How lucky that we’d end up with three of them.


8. “Baby, who turned the temperature hotter? ‘Cause I’m burnin’ up, burnin’ up for you, baby.”

‘Burnin’ Up’ (A Little Bit Longer, 2008)

A classic in so many ways. Not only is this song quite possibly the very definition of a tune, but the idea of the boys comparing our unbelievable hotness to lava and fire, and them burning up from it, is just amazing. We’re proud to have this one dedicated specifically to us. It works in every way a song can and always lifts our mood when we’re feeling down.


9. “You make every day feel like it’s Christmas. Every day that I’m with you.”

‘Like It’s Christmas’ (2019)

Is there anything more romantic than a Christmas song? Yes, a Jonas Brothers Christmas song. The boppy track oozes with warmth and magic and feels exactly like how a hug would sound. We can practically smell the Christmas cookies baking at their mother’s house and feel the warmth of the fire as we snuggle up beside the boys while the snow falls outside … okay, we’ll stop.


10. “Cause I could go across the world and see everything and never be satisfied if I couldn’t see those eyes.”

‘Hello Beautiful’ (Jonas Brothers, 2007)

Phew, if we had a dollar for every time the boys drooled over our eyes, we’d never have to work another day in our lives. But we get it, they’re drops of heaven and whatnot. This track is yet more blinding proof that we are the one the Jonas Brothers dream of. As we sit miles away from them, it’s good to know they’re searching for us in every crowd. One day, boys, we promise we’ll be together again at last.


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