Well, it happened. Our Canadian saviour Shawn Mendes dropped a documentary all about his life and career, and the year has quite literally been saved. The Netflix special ‘In Wonder’ shows the 22-year-old human behind the superstardom and gives a deep insight into who Mendes really is. He’s vulnerable, he’s goofy, he’s a little stressed out at times, and he’s still trying to figure things out. Just like the rest of us, who would’ve thought? 

We have plenty of things we could say about the doc, but we just don’t know how to put it all into words. So, we’re going to let Twitter do the work for us. Here are 10 of our favourite tweets that just kind of sum up exactly how we feel. 


1. The Ultimate Mood



If there was ever a time to bust out this perfectly crafted photo of a cat lying in bed and just absolutely going through it, this is that time. Don’t call, don’t text; we’re processing. 


2. The ‘Not Exactly Relatable But Still Congrats We Guess’



Okay, extreme jealousy aside, this is really cute and we’re super happy for this fan. To not just witness that moment in real life, but have it captured for all of eternity? Life really is lucky for some. 


3. The Love We’ll Never Have



Probably one of the best takeaways from the doc was the insight into Mendes and Camila Cabello’s relationship. Despite only dating for about a year (but being friends since 2014), Mendes admits that every single love song in his entire career has been about Cabello. This tweet got it right, we’re still crying. 


4. The Unbelievable Anticipation



Oh, the waiting. From the moment that trailer hit us, we couldn’t believe we were actually going to get all the answers we’ve ever wanted from Mendes. That countdown until the doc aired was agony. 


5. The Multitasking



As ‘In Wonder’ played, Mendes took to Twitter to live tweet as his fans watched. And, if you were like us, trying to furiously tweet at him while also trying to soak in every detail of the doc was one hell of a mission. 


6. The Just Downright Emotion  



This one speaks for itself really. 


7. The ‘I Literally Can’t Breathe’



Mendes didn’t waste any time; he really did the most for the entire doc duration. Making us laugh, cry, smile and become more and more attracted to him by each new second, we just couldn’t catch a break. 


8. The Pain



How dare you ask if we’re okay. 


9. The Teasers



BRB – currently downloading those cheeky little snippets into the best possible high-quality audio clips to replay over and over. 


10. The Unconditional, Foolish, Head Over Heels Love



This one perhaps sums it all up the best. We’ll never stop bowing down to Mendes, and this doc only just further proved that. We’re in this for life.


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