Make room Taylena and Ariana & Troye, there’s a new set of BFFs on the scene and we’re obsessed. If you look up “iconic duo” in the dictionary the definition will be Conan Gray and Olivia Rodrigo. The pair have been besties for quite some time now, from prom dates, cute selfies and studio hangs, to screaming Taylor Swift songs at the top of their lungs. This is one friendship where our jealousy (jealousy) is next level. 

It’s no secret that being diehard Swifties has been a defining moment in their friendship. Both citing Taylor Swift as the reason they picked up a guitar and put pen to paper. Now fully fledged popstars in their own right, they have the seal of approval from Swift herself. Going as far as calling them her “kids” via Twitter in a wild full circle moment. No doubt they’ll be sending adoption papers over asap. Talk about friendship goals. Or should we be calling them siblings now? Check out a timeline of their friendship that’s certain to make you wanna join the squad. 



Cute shout-outs in interviews

Both fans of each other as much as they are friends, they’re always supporting one another in interviews and we are here for it. Conan shows his Livies stan status by correctly guessing Olivia’s smash hit ‘driver’s license’ in mere seconds during Seventeen’s 8-Bit-Melody-Challenge


Olivia told Roman Kemp from Capital Breakfast about the time she’d left pistachios in the studio, for Conan to find the next day during his session. Just knowing these two are using the same studio for their individual projects has us fizzing that there could be a cheeky collab on the cards.


Hitting the streets of NYC

Conan Gray and Olivia Rodrigo invented street fashion. That’s it, that’s the tweet.



Going to Prom together

Recently Olivia held a “Sour Prom” to celebrate the release of her debut album Sour. She took four dates along with her and of course Conan was one of them. Conan’s comment on Olivia’s Instagram post from the night has us in our feels, “I literally love u more than life itself” – please protect them at all costs! 



Muroki – Surfin



Being a Swiftie is a way of life 

We wouldn’t be surprised if these two both had Swiftie fan accounts. Remember that time Taylor Swift sent her “kids” Fearless (Taylor’s Version) before anyone else? I’m sure they will never forget it. The duo shared a few sneak peaks of the re-recorded songs, paying homage to the original 2008 music video of ‘You Belong With Me’ with paper signs and singing the chorus into hairbrushes. They definitely made Taylor proud, “THEY ARE SO CUTE IT PHYSICALLY HURTS ME.”


And they didn’t stop there. They made Taylor “sob in yeehaw” with their hilarious skit to her iconic ballad ‘White Horse (Taylor’s Version)’. Olivia wrote on Instagram, “We got a sneak peak of ‘White Horse (Taylor’s Version)’ and we just had to make this vid. One of my favorite songs of all time.”


Streaming each other’s music!

They’re not only good at promoting their mom Taylor’s songs, but also each other’s. Conan just dropped his new single ‘People Watching’ and Olivia showed her support by hacking his phone and telling everyone to stream it.

We’re gonna take Liv’s advice right now and go listen to the song asap. You should too. Because otherwise she will show up under your bed.


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