Name a more iconic duo… oh wait, you can’t! There’s something about Shawn Mendes and Niall Horan’s bromance that is just so wholesome that we felt like we had to document their every interaction. The pair have been unproblematic besties for quite some time now, from football matches and hitting the golf course to enjoying a pint, being in the crowd at each other’s shows, and forever teasing us about collaborating.

Jump aboard the hype train with us as we take a look at all their best moments. And who knows, maybe by the end of it they’ll finally get their butts into the studio!



Sliding into the DMs

Although it’s unclear which one of them shooted their shot, it must have been well received. They spoke about how their friendship began in an interview during BBC Music’s The Biggest Weekend. Shawn joked that after exchanging “super-flirtsy” DMs that they met up to watch the Grammys together – get ready for a full-circle moment later on…


Guitar jam sessions

Ah 2016, the first time we got to see the duo hanging out together. And they really over-delivered. We got an entire video of them singing an acoustic version of Shawn’s single ‘Mercy’, and they’ve been BFF’s ever since. We only wish the time limit for Instagram videos back then was longer than 1 minute.


Birthday posts

You know it’s real when you get a bday post on the gram! No doubt they both have each other’s special day saved into their calendars. Birthdays are always the best for diving into the archives and providing us with never-before-seen selfies.


Cute shout-outs in interviews

Lads, lads, lads – could you get any cuter! When they’re not together, they can’t stop talking about each other. Tbh there were so many interviews to pick from that we spent an hour watching them all and I still can’t believe that this is my job.


Doing interviews TOGETHER

What’s better than them talking about each other in interviews? Them doing an actual interview TOGETHER. Find someone who looks at you the way Niall looks at Shawn. They chatted about how they first met, their favourite songs of each other’s, and more.


Sending songs back and forth

That name drop though! The duo love to seek feedback from one another and we are here for it. Niall also mentioned that he sends his songs to his buddy Lewis Capaldi. We can only imagine what a group chat with the three of them would sound like.


Here’s that full-circle moment

From watching the Grammys together at home in 2016, to Shawn performing with Miley Cyrus at the 2019 ceremony. It doesn’t get much better than that, except when your bestie shows his support online straight after – “Its been unbelievable to watch him grow into this worldwide superstar and still manage to stay as humble as he does.”


Watching each other’s documentaries

Like the rest of us, Niall also watched Shawn’s new doco ‘In Wonder’ and was obsessed. If you haven’t watched it yet what are you waiting for? Or if you have, why not watch it again? We bet Niall is.


Being an “older brother”

Everyone needs a Niall in their life. They get on SO well that when they hang out, they forget all about collaborating – “It’s probably both of our faults because we choose to hang out more of the time than make music… He’s been a real older brother to me for a lot of years now. He’s always there to make sure my feet are still on the ground.”


Sharing the same Doctor

Last year we got a rare pic of Niall and Shawn visiting a respiratory expert together with the caption, “Happy Monday from everybody’s three favourite heartthrobs.” Wonder if they share the same dentist too?


Hitting the golf green

Looks like Shawn’s form is getting better by the day and we only have one person to thank – he’s Irish, blonde and was in the best boy band of all time. Take a wild guess…


Forever teasing that cheeky collab

When they’re not too busy enjoying each other’s company, maybe they will FINALLY release that collab they’ve been talking about since 2016.


Fizzing over each other’s new music

With Shawn dropping banger after banger lately, we hope Niall doesn’t forget his Twitter password anytime soon. We’re also 100% positive that Shawn will repay the favour when Niall drops new music of his own.


The pandemic can’t keep them apart

GUYS! This is fresh af content. Shawn featured in Niall’s “JAN” photodump on Instagram and are we shocked? Absolutely not. Although it doesn’t look like a studio to us, we’re just glad to see them hanging out once again.



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