As her tour inches closer, Ariana has been busy rehearsing around the clock, so don’t get upset thats she’s been quiet on Twitter lately. Girls gotta do what she’s gotta do.
Still, Ariana’s pumped out some quality Tweets per, so here is this weeks roundup!



If this isn’t the realest comparison ever though LOL



Encouraging everyone to purchase a safety approved, clear bum bag for her show.
What. A. Genius. Practical and stylish, can we buy one even if we aren’t going to the show?



Dear Apple, Ariana wants more planet emojis, please include this in your next update. We don’t need anymore plants. Sincerely Arianators.



T Minus 19 days until her tour begins!!! (This meme will never not be funny lol)


How could you say no to that widdle face…🐶