It feels like only yesterday that everyone was tweeting theories about TS7 and analysing every post on Taylor’s Instagram (there were 7 palm trees and 5 holes in the fence), and now Lover is turning one! With Lover we saw the return of a more carefree Taylor as she stepped back into the spotlight, gave us more intimate glimpses into her personal life, became more outspoken about politics, and had more fun than ever before.

To celebrate Lover’s anniversary and give it the proper send-off it deserves now that folklore has arrived, let’s relive the 13 best moments from the era… 


1. Lover became the “healthier option” by being the very first album that Taylor owns

Lover had many firsts for Taylor – it was the first album of hers to ever have eighteen tracks, it was the first time she ever had a collab on a lead single, and most importantly, it was the very first album that she OWNS.  


2. She adopted her third cat

And we are OBSESSED! Certifying her status as a crazy cat lady, Taylor adopted Benjamin Button on none other than the set of her very own ‘ME!’ music video, welcoming him into her family of five alongside Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson and her bf Joe Alwyn. 

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And then there were three…

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3. There were more Easter eggs than ever before

No one loves a good Easter egg as much as Tay, and she went above and beyond this time leaving them in more than just her lyrics and music videos. Swifties could have almost put the FBI out of a job after spotting them on her nails, jewelry and clothing during various appearances, in her interview answers, on her merch, and more. 



4. Making a political statement with ‘You Need To Calm Down’

Lover’s second single ‘You Need To Calm Down’ saw Taylor advocate for the LGBTQ community. The video gave the spotlight to all of the queer icons we know and love such as Laverne Cox, Ru Paul, the Queer Eye cast, and more. The song also included a shout out to the LGBTQ group GLAAD as well as ended on a call to action to sign her Equality Act petition which has had an incredible 810,000+ signatures.


5. The Secret Sessions returned

A Taylor Swift album cycle is never complete without her Secret Sessions. Inviting lucky fans into her homes, Taylor baked them rice krispie treats, and let them listen to her new album a few weeks early before the rest of the world. Definition of GOALS.



6. Creating masterpiece music videos for ‘Lover’ and ‘The Man’ 

Although we didn’t get as many singles as previous eras we were still blessed with four incredible and very unique music videos. Each one filled with Easter eggs galore and an important message of their own. A personal highlight from ‘The Man’ was male Taylor peeing on the wall with a graffitied ‘Karma’ and a no scooters sign. 


7. We got a live piano rendition of ‘Holy Ground’ 

And we still haven’t recovered… The Lover era brought many great moments with it, and this one is deffo at the top. During her extended set in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, Taylor not only performed tracks off Lover including the self-titled track, ‘The Archer’, and ‘London Boy’ but also a Phil Collins cover and Red fan favourite ‘Holy Ground’


8. Taking home Video of the Year and Video for Good at the MTV Video Music Awards

The YNTCD music video did THAT! Taylor made sure that each and every cast member got their own trophy. AND she also called out The White House on national television. All in a days work.


9. When she performed ‘Christmas Tree Farm’ live for the very first time 

What a cute lil bean in her Santa(y) hat! We’re counting down to Christmas just so it’s appropriate again to play this song on repeat.


10. When she celebrated her 30th birthTAY in style

From hanging out with her fans with a performance at the Z100 Jingle Ball to having an after-party with all her closest friends, it was definitely a night to remember.  


11. When she was named Artist of the Decade at the American Music Awards and Women of the Decade by Billboard

No one more deserving tbh. Her AMAs medley giving us all the feels and a performance we revisit on the weekly. And if you have a spare 15 minutes please take the time to watch her acceptance speech on the gender imbalance within the music industry (if you haven’t already), you won’t regret it. Both nights also gave us some wholesome Taylor and Billie content.


12. Her entire NPR tiny desk concert

There’s a reason this video has been viewed over 5 MILLION times. It’s very similar to the reason that the top comment “Life is too short to pretend you don’t like Taylor Swift” has eleven thousand thumbs up. (Sidenote: can she plz do one of these for folklore???)


13. Releasing Miss Americana on Netflix

Taylor took us on a journey with her documentary Miss Americana showing us intimate moments of her life from the past few years including the writing and recording of various songs from Lover. There’s also a Joel Little cameo, a cat backpack, and a very disturbing scene featuring ice and wine mixed together. 


Bonus: When “Drunk Taylor” trended on Twitter

But she swears she only had two and a half mojitos lol 



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