“British heartthrob” Harvey Leigh Cantwell (adoringly known as HRVY) is England’s newest popstar, and he’s quickly climbing into the eye of many New Zealand fans. At just 21, he’s achieved the life of a superstar.

It all began for Harvey when he began sharing videos of him singing on Facebook, receiving lots of loyal support from his friends. Before long, he was beginning to attract a trickle, and then a substantially extensive stream of dedicated viewers. Just casually he then began presenting on BBC as a job, doing live interviews and sometimes performing on the show. Since then, he’s signed with the UMG family, released his first single ‘Thank-you’ which preceeded another 16 other successful pop hits, made like 30,000 tik toks, gained 4 million followers on IG and was nominated for ‘Choice Breakout Artist’ 2019 at the Teen Choice Awards. Not bad.

His fun-loving, free and adorable aesthetic and sound makes him a 10/10 candidate for a classic umusic insta-stalk. Let’s see what we can find out about our favourite teen celeb…


He owns some wicked wheels

This post is actually ridiculously sweet, thanking his fans for everything they’ve done to support his career and success; enabling him to buy his dream whip! It definitely is a reminder that this star is still a young lad, achieving amazing things and blown away by this new luminary lifestyle.


He.. seems to have a habit of sneezing when selfie’ing

There are multiple theories here. Classic case of summer hay fever, has vampire tendencies, is allergic to the sun, front camera reflection causes excessive nose tickling?? Unconfirmed diagnosis but I think we all enjoy this sternutation-themed content.



He’s close mates with Loren Gray

Fitting, as she’s the total queen of Tik-Tok. He refers to her as ‘L Drizzle’ which is sweet and all but I think that they should just cut the cake and wife up. Too soon? Oh, and she doesn’t seem to mind his sneezing problem. #Keeper.


He’s set to go on a World Tour real soon

Japan, Seoul, Singapore and Aussie fans better get hella-hyped for this guys appearance and live show coming May this year!


He thoroughly enjoyed smashing back some Souvalki in Greece

Seems when HRVY made his trip to Athens he certainly made the most of the Country. In this vlog he posted we get he’s all down for trying local foods, getting right into the local Greek Souvlaki. Topping it off with a banana and bubblegum flavoured ice cream, we know HRVY is a sucker for anything sweet.


He’s come a long way since 14

From starting as a support act at 16 years old to now gaining over 200 million hits on his latest single ‘Personal’, HRVY made has tremendous movements over the charts and gained a dedicated fan base over the past 6 years. One thing’s for certain though, he still loves rocking the black jeans + denim jacket combo.

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Hahaha 14 vs now 🙅🏼‍♂️

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He’s not afraid to get cuddly with fans

This one gets me. But there’s plenty more where that came from on the ‘gram.



He’s single

Did you want to have a lie down before I repeat that? HRVY is certainly not shy about posting his relationship status. Get a load of this cheeky photo captioned “Waking up next to you” with a self-drawn figurine of an anonymous girl next to him. He knows how to tease his adoring fans that’s for sure. It’s also not a terrible drawing.

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waking up next to you 🥰😍

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A song’s about to be dropped this Valentines

There’s exciting news within his latest post. HRVY announces he’s just about to release ‘Me because of you’ in which you can pre-save on Spotify. This comes out as a valentine’s day treat, February 14th.


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