Who is Mabel??
Well, in 2019 there is only one way to find out. Move along Wikipedia, Insta-stalking is now the only way to really find out who someone REALLY is.


1.She is the daughter of Nenah Cherry

Nenah Cherry is a Swedish singer, rapper, dj and broadcaster who has also formally won a Brit award. Talk about a cool mum.

2. She’s got a neck tattoo

We have to say, we are here for it. (wonder if her mum knows…)

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Neck tats and new songs 🍁❤️

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3. She has appeared on the ‘Colors’ YouTube channel

She performed a poetic performance of “Ivy”, from her debut mixtape Ivy To Roses.


*Internal screams*

4. And lastly, she has INSANE fashion sense.

Really though, check out those kicks. Fun Fact – she used to run her own style blog, even sitting front row at Stella McCartney’s fashion shows!

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2019 energy 🤪

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