If you’re looking for a new artist to obsess over, look no further than rising pop star Sally.

The New Zealand-based singer and songwriter, who was raised in Australia, delivered her debut hit ‘Calculated,’ this summer, and it is already racing up the charts.

‘Calculated’ is a punchy tune with fizzing percussion and euphoric beats, produced by NZ’s very own talented producer, Cymbol. In the track, Sally tells the story of a break up and the way social media plays a part in the healing process.

“I think every song I write is a lesson,” she explains. “I’d come out of a relationship and I was posting pictures that made it look like I was having a great time. I wrote ‘Calculated’ about those times, realising that you’re just making things look better from the outside.”

Sally’s refreshingly retro vibe gives off an aesthetic that we just can’t get enough of. In a sky of rising female pop stars, Sally is certainly making sure she stands out. And we can’t wait to see how bright she shines.

You can follow Sally on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.