If you’re reading this right now then prepare for emo hours. On this day (November 10th) three years ago Taylor Swift was doing better than she ever was as she released her sixth studio album and most controversial project to date, reputation. Praised by critics and fans alike as another groundbreaking pop album to add to her already impressive catalog, reputation took us on a journey of deep introspection; what happens to your identity when you step back and stop defining yourself by how strangers see you?

reputation said goodbye to the “old” Taylor Swift as she switched out maple lattes for whiskey on ice and spilling wine in the bathtub, introduced sexual undertones and lost her explicit sticker virginity. It was synth pop perfection with bulletproof hooks detailing lust, loss and the magic of a sacred romance. 

And if you weren’t already emotional enough, grab the tissues because November 9th also marked two years since Taylor brought her record breaking reputation Stadium Tour to New Zealand. It feels like only yesterday we were screaming the high note in ‘Don’t Blame Me’ so in honour of both of these iconic anniversaries, we’re taking a look back at some of our favourite moments from the reputation era, and the show that set Mount Smart Stadium in Auckland ablaze for one unforgettable night. 


Wiping all of her social media accounts

After a year or so attempting to stay out of the spotlight (and succeeding) the hype for a new Taylor Swift era was more real than ever. And when she decided to black out all of her social media accounts sh*t really went next level. RIP to the old Taylor and all of her iconic posts. 

The lead single ‘Look What You Made Me Do’

Taylor Swift certainly knows how to get people talking, and LWYMMD was no different. Taking no sh*t and regaining control over the “snake” narrative, it went on to break the record for the most views in 24 hours on YouTube and the most streams in 24 hours on Spotify. The end scene of the music video is a cinematic masterpiece and no doubt a top contender for one of the greatest things Taylor has ever done. 


“1, 2, 3 let’s go b*tch!”

If you know, you know. And the best part? Taylor herself being in on it.

Auckland experiencing the phenomenon of a full on rain show

What’s more magical than a Taylor Swift show? A Taylor Swift rain show. Just asked Gillette Stadium. Put ya phones away and get out ya ponchos because there’s just something about water droplets hitting your head in a crowd full of people that makes an already extravagant performance even more special. 


Georgia from Broods shaking it off with Taylor herself

Nbd right?! Just Georgia living out every Swiftie’s dream. From opening the show to being brought up on stage mid-concert to sing ‘Shake It Off,’ the hometown crowd loved every single second.

When she said ‘Out of the Woods’ will always remind her of NZ

Remember that time that Artist of the Decade Taylor Swift casually shot a music video in New Zealand? As if we’d ever forget, and she feels the same about NZ – “[Out of the Woods] is always gonna make me think of NZ because we shot the video in the South Island… My memories of singing this song and seeing you sing the words back to me, and recording the music video in NZ, that will stick out to me whenever I think of this song.”

Her Netflix special

Feel like reliving the reputation Stadium Tour all over again or want to see what you missed out on? Well you can. But if you’ve read this far then no doubt you watch it at least once a week… (tbh, same).  


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