There has been little hype surrounding the handful of interactions between Taylor Swift and Tayla Parx so we are here to be very loud about it. Even if you don’t know the 26-year-old American singer, songwriter, and actress Tayla Parx by name, you will have definitely heard at least one of the tracks she’s written. She’s penned pop hits for major artists such as Demi Lovato, Nicki Minaj, BTS, Christina Aguilera, Khalid, and Panic! At The Disco as well as five songs on good pal Ariana Grande’s record-breaking ‘Thank U, Next’ album. 

So, if you missed when Taylor with an ‘O-R’ started to stan Tayla with an ‘A’, we gotchu 👌. Full recap below.


Her hit ‘I Want You’ made it into Taylor’s Apple Music playlist

No big deal right?! It was Tayla’s Grammy-nominated songwriting credits that caught the eye of the megastar. From there she deep-dived into Tayla’s own personal discography, adding her song ‘I Want You’ to her Apple Music playlist in May of last year. 


Taylor praised her songwriting in an interview full of all her current obsessions

Swift gave Parx a shoutout in her Entertainment Weekly interview where she spoke about all of the current things and people she loves. Including the hitmaker alongside pop heavyweights Drake and Lana Del Rey, she gushed, “her catalog is impressive. I’d always seen her name credited [as a writer for pop stars] and thought she was incredible.” In classic Taylor fashion, she also planted a bunch of Easter eggs in this interview… Yes, we are crossing our fingers it means a potential collab or songwriting sesh 🤞


She was set to make HISTORY with both Taylor and Halsey 

The day before her 30th birthday, Taylor Swift accepted the prestigious honour as Billboard’s first-ever Women of the Decade. With a fifteen-minute long speech, she put the music industry on blast for its blatant sexism, reflected on her career evolution, and advocated for her fellow female artists. It was during this empowering moment where Taylor listed Tayla as one of the newer faces who is “making amazing music” right now. Halsey was also included in this powerhouse list, and together the two of them were set to open for Taylor as part of Capital One’s JamFest in Atlanta on April 5th (pre-Covid-19). The three of them would have made history as the first-ever all-female lineup. 


With Tayla firmly on Taylor’s radar, could this mean the same for a NZ duo that she’s worked with… 🤯

Most recently, Tayla has been creating magic with some of our fave artists down under, whipping up the self-iso bop ‘Take Yourself Home’ with Troye Sivan and teaming up with New Zealand’s very own hip-hop twins eleven7four on their hot new single ‘Where It Hurts’, from their debut album. With Taylor’s obsession for Tayla growing, could we see a track from some talented Kiwis make it into one of her playlists or on an opening slot when she next heads to our shores? 


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With the same name and flawless songwriting talents, if the two geniuses ever put pen to paper together, it would result in something we can only dream of. Some would say it would be… #TaylaMade.