New Zealand’s introverts will be well comfortable in their natural environment these next few weeks. Kiwis have been called upon to stay at home for the next little while as the little island we call home attempts to deal with current events. To help out, we thought we’d put together a masterpiece list of entertaining activities to stop you from eating your arm and actually enjoy the little time we have in this life to ourselves.


Things to listen to

What better time to acquaint yourself with some new tunes and new artists than in your social distancing or self isolation period? Check out our specially curated playlist below to find your next favourite song. We’ll be keeping this updated regularly so you won’t be left searching for fresh new beats.



Things to watch

  • Watch Momentum Productions amazing choreography to Sam Smith’s To Die For here.
  • Jump on the latest TikTok trends! From BENEE, The Weeknd and even Drake, there’s something for everyone!
  • Lewis Capaldi covering Noel Gallagher. Yes – you heard right. If you’re a fan of Lewis we’re sure you know all about his history with Noel Gallagher, but you may not know how far back it goes. Check out the story here.
  • Kendrick Lamar has finally released his incredibly mysterious new project with Dave Free, titled a “multilingual service company”. The landing page has hardcore davinci-code vibes which has us highly intrigued. Check it out.
  • The Taylor Swift documentary ‘Miss Americana’ is definitely one to watch! You can find it waiting patiently with open arms on Netflix.
  • Demi Lovato’s empowering appearance on Ellen is ripe for the watching in celebration of her new single ‘I Love Me’.
  • Niall’s carpool karaoke won’t let you down. The Late Late Show with James Gordon is religiously fantastic, and anything paired with Niall is a big yes.
  • Lil Yachty/Oprah video. Not sure if I have an explanation for this one. You tell me.
  • Post Malone’s tattoo breakdown part 2 is a close look at all of Posty’s tattoos he’s gathered over the years. There’s a story to each piece of ink, an entertaining watch for any Post Malone fan.
  • Bieber dance videos. Duh.
  • Rocketman movie. Only fair given we missed out on a couple of his Auckland shows this year! Enjoy being in the world of this timeless legend for a while. Available at
  • Katherine Jenkins has been doing live performances from home. Give em’ a watch here!


Recipes from artists to try

  • Looking for something sweet? Give Katy Perry’s official Cherry Pie recipe a go! Watch Katy’s helpful tutorial here.
  • Taylor Swift’s Chai Sugar Cookie recipe. Or if you’re anything like me, just eat the dough and be done with it.
  • Fancy a soup made by Lady Gaga? You’re welcome.
  • Keen on something a little simpler? Check out the instructions to make HAIM’s quick and easy potato snack below.


Home workouts – or, maybe just a few handstands…

Personally, at my flat, we’re enjoying perfecting the incredibly serious art of the handstand. Begin on the wall for a couple of days, then challenge yourself to a 5 second handstand completely on your own. Imperative to this activity is a fantastic workout playlist which you could create beforehand or try our pre-made gem of a library here.

If you’d like something actually beneficial to your spiritual well being, maybe try Yoga with Adrian. It’s completely free and her channel is simply amazing.


Things to read

Want to hear our review of The Weeknd’s latest creation ‘After Hours’, or learn about Conan Gray – the new prince of sad pop? Check out our latest UMUSIC articles! This is where we store all things music-speak. Check us out here!


Get the Feng Shui Cookin’

You’d be crazy if you didn’t take this time to have your personal space align with the energy you’d like to exert into the world. This is YOUR time. Move your plants a little to the right, clean out your sock drawer, order pictures of your favourite artists online – check out local creatives like @_dylandraws doing the mahi. Vacuum, get a cloth and get onto the dusty skirtings, clean the beer fridge (potentially by consumption), hell – flip your bed upside down!

Sit back, relax and enjoy some long-awaited down time your mind probably needs.

Stay safe and wash your hands peeps.