The country superstar has made waves in the musical world, just recently swooping up a Grammy for Album of the Year. You’ve heard her on the radio, you’ve seen her all over the internet, but do you really know everything about the amazing Kacey Musgraves?

Here are 10 of our favourite Kacey facts.


1. She’s written some of your favourite country songs

Kacey has written songs for some pretty big country stars, including Miranda Lambert, Martina McBride and Gretchen Wilson. The hit track she wrote for Lambert, ‘Mama’s Broken Heart,’ even received a Grammy nomination for Song of the Year in 2014.


2. She has her own line of cowboy boots

In 2015, Kacey teamed up with popular cowboy boot retailer Lucchese to create her own line of dazzling cowboy boots. Fellow country bumpkin Reese Witherspoon has even copped her own pair.


3. She wrote her first song at aged 9

The song was called ‘Notice Me,’ which seems pretty fitting for a budding superstar in the making, and was written for her elementary school graduation. “I just turned a poem into a song,” she explains. “My mom still has the piece of paper I wrote it on. But I didn’t really start writing more songs until I had more stuff to write about. Like when I was 15 and going through breakups.”


4. She isn’t as accepted in the country music world as she is the general music world

Due to Kacey’s lovable IDGAF attitude and her controversial yet honest and supportive lyrics, traditional country music fans aren’t likely to find her songs on their favourite radio stations. Country music is typically known for its conservatism and traditions, which is something Kacey can definitely not abide by. Kacey’s lyrics have included topics of family troubles, homosexuality, recreational use of marijuana, safe sex and living by your own rules and standards.


5. She’s toured with Harry Styles

On Harry Styles’ 2018 debut solo tour, Kacey joined him for his Canada and US dates which equaled out to be a whopping 21 shows. The two would even often perform together, which is a dream in itself really.


6. She’s from Golden, Texas

Which brings a double entendre to her album title Golden Hour. She was born April 21, 1988 and grew up around country music influences from her grandmother in particular.


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7. She competed on Nashville Star

Nashville Star was a country music reality TV show that ran for 7 seasons in the US and ended up sourcing some actual country stars such as Miranda Lambert and Chris Young. Kacey competed during the show’s fifth leg at just 18-years-old but unfortunately only placed seventh. “It’s probably a good thing that people don’t remember me from that time period,” she says. “I was very young and figuring myself out musically and personally.”


8. Her grandmother was her first booking agent

Speaking of her grandmother’s influence, Kacey’s very first booking agent was her own grandmother. She helped launched Kacey’s career by landing her gigs and helping to sell CDs. For the 2013 Country Music Association (CMA) Awards, Kacey took her grandmother along as her date and thanked her for landing Kacey the spot in the industry she has now.


9. She has a three-legged dog

The little Jack Russell mix named Pearl is absolutely adorable and we can’t get enough. Unfortunately, Pearl was hit by a car and lost one of her legs but she’s as strong as ever! Pearl has been with Kacey since the singer turned 21. What a super cute relationship.


10. She’s coming to NZ!

After reading all these facts you’re probably thinking ol’ Musgraves is pretty cool huh? Lucky for you she’s hitting our shores this May. Kacey will be bringing her Oh, What a World tour to Auckland’s Town Hall May 17 and tickets are definitely selling fast. For more information visit Ticketmaster.