The season is upon us once again as another round of Bridgerton graces us with its presence. Alas, our favourite Duke of Hastings has not returned but not to worry as there are many other eligible bachelors we get to see throughout the new episodes. This season of the beloved Netflix series follows the Sharma sisters as they embark on their debut in society. Although there have been a few changes with the original main characters, you can rest assured that we still get to witness a new set of memorable outfits and sounds that impress just as much as season 1.

**WARNING** Potential spoilers ahead!


When Bridgerton was first introduced to Netflix fans back in December 2020, it was immediately praised for its range of classical covers of modern hits. Notably, the favourites included covers from top artists such as Ariana Grande, Maroon 5, Shawn Mendes and Billie Eilish – all of which you can check out in our rundown of the first season here. In season 2 we are rewarded with yet another long list of exciting covers of popular artists such as Madonna, Rihanna, Harry Styles, Miley Cyrus and more. You can check out all of the epic covers on Spotify here, the perfect playlist to host your own Bridgerton themed party, or to listen to when you feel like embodying some of that ‘main character’ energy.

Post-release of season 1, Bridgerton fans were lucky enough to gain an insight into the favourite tracks of some of the cast members. Both Nicola Coughlan (Penelope Featherington) and Luke Thompson (Benedict Bridgerton) loved the Ariana Grande ‘thank u, next’ cover which we must admit is a favourite of ours as well. You can check out snippets of their interview below – note the dreamy accents we absolutely adore.


@umusicnz this is now a #nicolacoughlan x @arianagrande stan account 😭✋ #bridgerton #arianagrande ♬ thank u, next – Vitamin String Quartet

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Madonna/Kris Bowers – ‘Material Girl’

There’s nothing quite like a Bridgerton ball, so it was no surprise that episode 1 threw us straight into the midst of the first round of many soirées to come. The first cover that set the scene was none other than Madonna’s ‘Material Girl,’ a fitting choice to play in the background of the Sharma sister’s introduction to a fabulous yet materialistic society, which emphasises this new image they must portray to fit into their new lifestyle. If you’ve ever seen the original music video of Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’ then you’ll know the iconic pink dress she wears with matching sleeves and fabulous jewels which is parallel to the usual bright dresses and jewels that the characters of Bridgerton wear throughout the series.


Rihanna/Hannah V, Joe Rodwell – ‘Diamonds’

As true Bridgerton fans will know it’s not a marriage season without a ‘diamond’ chosen by none other than the queen herself. Last season it was Phoebe Bridgerton, the eldest daughter of the Bridgerton family, this season it is newcomer Edwina Sharma. The ball scene in question was accompanied by a cover of Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’ where the queen surveyed the room to pick her most prized jewel of the season. The lyrics “shine bright like a diamond” from the original hit rings true as each of the girls fights to shine not only in front of the suitors and society but also the queen, so they can become the ‘it girl’ of the season.


Robyn/Vitamin String Quartet – ‘Dancing On My Own’

It can be a tough gig for Bridgerton characters, attending countless balls and making up appearances. It is even tougher when you find yourself without a dancing partner which is why the popular tune ‘Dancing On My Own’ originally sung by artist Robyn is a natural fit for when Kate Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton dance in episode 4. In this instance, the song could reflect the feelings that Kate and Anthony share for each other but are unable to act on, hence the theme of the original song being about, in the words of Robyn herself, “the god-awful feeling of a woman who is watching her ex get with someone new at a club” – or in this case, Miss Sharma watching her beloved court her sister at the ball. It was also a favourite of Nicola Coughlan’s who felt it was a suitable match for her own character Penelope as she describes her as the “poor girl standing on the dance floor watching someone she loves dancing with someone else.” For those who don’t know, Penelope Featherington has had a long-standing crush on Colin Bridgerton which is unbeknownst to him.


Harry Styles/Steve Horner – ‘Sign of the Times’

It would be anybody’s worst nightmare to watch the person they love standing at the top of the wedding aisle waiting for another, especially if that other person is somebody extremely close to them. Unfortunately for Kate, that nightmare becomes a reality in episode 6 as the highly anticipated event of Edwina Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton’s wedding becomes a reality. Harry Styles’ popular tune is known for its dark meanings as the artist describes the song coming from the idea that “This isn’t the first time we’ve been in a hard time, and it’s not going to be the last time.” The song accurately highlights the hard times that Kate and Anthony are about to face, either forced apart by a marriage or forced apart by the scandal that their union would cause – either way, it’ll be a tricky road ahead for them both.


Miley Cyrus/Midnite String Quartet – ‘Wrecking Ball’

Another favourite of the season, and might we add a perfect fit to the final episode of the series, is the catchy and popular hit ‘Wrecking Ball’ by Miley Cyrus. It’s fairly obvious from the beginning that both Kate and Anthony have dominating personalities that clashed from day dot. So, it’s no surprise that the catchy tune was used to conclude the chase between them and highlight the start of a new relationship. “You came in like a wrecking ball” pretty much sums up how Kate and Anthony felt about each other. Throughout the season they describe how each of their worlds has been turned upside down by the other – you could almost say they came into each other’s lives like a ‘wrecking ball’ (see what we did there). Although Cyrus’ hit is about a breakup that has left her broken, the song was instead used to show how the original lives that each of them leads had been wrecked by the other. However, in this case, it is a positive outcome considering neither of them were happy with the way their lives were playing out until they finally decided to do something for themselves, despite any backlash they may receive. It was a truly heartfelt love story that would have pleased Kate and Anthony shippers.


No one can deny the Bridgerton creators certainly know how to create a playlist. The new genre of classical covers of modern hits became a huge success when Bridgerton was first released and it’s clear that this type of music won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Creator Chris Van Dusen describes how he “chose all of these songs for very specific reasons” and that is clear to see when you look at the meaning behind each scene that they are used. Not only do you get a sense of being transported to the 1800s, but there is a familiarity there that makes the show even more exciting and welcoming. For the Bridgerton fans that are holding out for the next season, the good news is that there is a playlist for season 2 on Spotify to chuck on repeat until the matchmaking season returns, and you can check it out below.


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