I’m sure by now you have all heard of a recent series called Bridgerton that has millions of Netflix fans around the globe buzzing. If not, we highly suggest you jump on that bandwagon right away as this is a series not to be missed. Best described as a mix between Gossip Girl and Pride and Prejudice, the periodic drama is set in 18th century London and centres around a family who are navigating their way through the annual social season.

One of the reasons many fans are raving about the series, aside from the seriously good-looking characters and extravagant outfits of course, is because of the soundtrack that comes along with it. You might think that a series set in the 18th century would come with some very old-school classical music, however the tunes that accompanied many key scenes from the popular show sound surprisingly familiar. It turns out the creators decided to put a modern spin on things with a range of classical covers of some of our favourite modern hits, and we are loving every second of it. Here are the six tracks that will have you dancing around your room in true Bridgerton style.

**WARNING** Potential spoilers ahead!


Ariana Grande/Vitamin String Quartet – ‘thank u, next’

One of the first tracks to bless our ears is a cover of Ariana Grande’s ‘thank u, next’. The tune plays out during the first ball scene of the show and although it can be hard to pick up on at first as it blends effortlessly into the background, you will soon recognise the classic notes that the original catchy hit is known for. The song plays a key part in the scene as the main character (Daphne Bridgerton) tries her luck at finding a suitor. Much to her brother’s dismay however as he tries to turn away as many suitors as he possibly can, similar to that of Grande’s dismissal of her ex’s in the original pop hit. Coincidence? We think not.


Maroon 5/Vitamin String Quartet – ‘Girls Like You’

Another familiar cover from the series includes Maroon 5’s ‘Girls Like You’. The song is fittingly placed during the first episode when newcomer Marina Thompson begins to have a range of suitors filing into her home to give her gifts – the dream right? Although the track only plays for a short few seconds during the episode, it certainly makes an impact as Marina is portrayed as the standout girl of the previous evenings social dance. Those of you who have heard the original song will know the lyrics of the hit talk about a desirable girl that the lead singer can’t get enough of. In comparison, Marina Thompson is clearly a girl that the suitors desire and are trying to win over. The song has a very romantic feel about it so we wouldn’t be surprised if it begins to enter the playlists of some future weddings, we’re looking at you Gen-Z.


Shawn Mendes/Vitamin String Quartet – ‘In My Blood’

As you move along the series, you’ll soon hear the very popular ‘In My Blood’ originally performed by Shawn Mendes. The cover is placed at the end of episode two where main characters Daphne Bridgerton and The Duke of Hastings dance together at one of the many social gatherings. The track fits in perfectly with the scene as the original version has Mendes describing his mental battles within himself, similarly we start to see the inner struggles that The Duke of Hastings also battles throughout the series. The classical version of this 2018 Grammy-nominated track certainly plays a huge part in this key scene, in which we begin to see the early stages of one of the series main romances.


Billie Eilish/Vitamin String Quartet – ‘bad guy’

If at this point you are still yet to watch the Netflix series, we suggest you pop away to do so now as this next track highlights a few spoilers for the show. Coming up to the third episode we are gladly surprised with a cover of the 2019 Grammy-winning ‘bad guy’ originally performed by the extremely talented Billie Eilish. The popular hit remake plays a very crucial role in yet another ball scene where both Daphne and The Duke of Hastings (A.K.A Simon) continue their ruse as a potential courting couple. Within the scene we see Simon act out a jealous outburst as Daphne is asked for a dance by another suitor. A classical cover of ‘bad guy’ is carefully selected to play in the background in a potential reference to Simon being the bad guy in the situation, however true Bridgerton stans will know all is not quite what it seems.


Celeste/Kris Bowers/Vitamin String Quartet – ‘Strange’

In episode five we hear a slowed version of ‘Strange’ that is originally performed by British singer-songwriter Celeste. The original track was released in 2019 with the vocals being described by fans as a mix of music legends Amy Winehouse and Adele. In the revised version, the classical notes emphasise the importance and romantical notions of the scene in which it plays. The series fans will know what we mean when we say the scene is very ah… intimate. For those of you that still don’t know what we’re talking about, well we’ll let you watch it for yourselves.


Taylor Swift/Duomo/Vitamin String Quartet – ‘Wildest Dreams’

Last but certainly not least, Taylor Swift fans will be delighted to hear a classical remake of the pop hit ‘Wildest Dreams’ that shows up during episode six. Pairing a Taylor Swift hit with the latest historical romance series seems like a true match made in heaven. Swift’s original music already has a natural mix of modern and classical twists, so it is only fitting that one of her many hits jumps on the latest periodic drama soundtrack. Although the scene may not be reflective of the true meaning of Swift’s lyrics, both Daphne and Simon are certainly living out their dreams in a very wild type of way. If you were to dig a little deeper there could be a link in the timing of the track as both Daphne and Simon are yet to tackle one of the biggest issues looming over their relationship, subsequently making their escapade around their extremely extravagant home just a fantasy or dream at this stage. Whatever the reason, we’re sure all T-Swift and Bridgerton fans alike will be absolutely loving this unique cover – we certainly are!

It’s safe to say Bridgerton has brought the genre of modern classics to light in the music scene. According to the creators, the choice to combine contemporary music into a non-contemporary setting is to make the show more relatable to current viewers and to put a unique and modern lens on the historical setting. For those who can’t get enough of the tracks, you can catch all of the popular covers on the Spotify playlist below – did somebody say a Bridgerton themed party?


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