Last week we mentioned Lewis Capaldi’s Twitter handle being “Lewis Calamari”. Well update everyone, this week he has one upped himself and changed it to “Lewis CRAPaldi” after someone posted a tweet calling him the creative new name…If you can’t beat em’ join em’ right? 🤷
Anyway, here’s your weekly dose of Lewis Capaldi. Or should we say Crapaldi?


The Tweet that started it…


This kid looks more like Lewis than Lewis does.



Earlier this week Lewis was slagged off by British star Noel Gallagher (the guy from Oasis.) And instead of getting upset over the comment, Lewis was just stoked that 1) Noel knew his name, 2) Noel knew his name, and 3) Noel actually knew his name. What a day.


Lewis Capaldi heads back to his hometown of Bathgate in Scotland to show Vevo the places that made him, and find out whether his fame has gone to his head…Also he has a pizza named after him, that’s how you know you’ve made it.


Okay so this one isn’t funny, it’s amazing 💓
Lewis Capaldi covered Billie Eilish at the Spotify Studios in NYC. We didn’t think it was possible to love this song any more than we already do.


And we’ll leave you with this gem 🎉