With the recent announcement of his third album The Show arriving in early June, fans are finally out of their starvation for a new content phase from our favorite Irish lad, Niall Horan. But what’s he been up to, lately? We undergo a dive in the depths of the internet to find out.


The announcement of The Show, following recent lead single ‘Heaven’, sent the internet into an excited spiral.



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Niall’s been on a number of talk shows recently, discussing everything from going back to the music industry to his friendship with Lewis Capaldi and what he does before a show. From Sirius XM Hits 1 to the radio show of Tiktok star Bruontheradio, you can find one of those interviews below:




He’s currently come out with a line of festival appearances as well. Though none in NZ, they include a number within the UK, Europe and the USA, there’s speculation that these will coincide with an official ‘The Show’ tour, so NZ fans should keep an eye out in coming months. With him teasing it on Tiktok below that it’s coming ‘sometime’, we know we’ll be waiting for those dates to arrive for us.



@iheartradio Can’t wait to hear #TheShow live 🤩 #niallhoran #heaven #niallhoranvids ♬ original sound – iHeartRadio


As always, we can find Niall making fun of his bestie Lewis Capaldi. Find their most recent Tiktok here: 




@niallhoran #stitch with @Lewis Capaldi ♬ original sound – Niall Horan



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In between ‘Heaven’ promotion, he’s also poking fun at fan trends, including this – still relatable – one from recently. Let’s be honest, we’ve been Niall people from the beginning.




@niallhoran #duet with @Raquia 🖤 #niallhoran ♬ Heaven – Niall Horan

Of course, the most important thing. Dropping ‘Heaven.’ You can find the official music video here, but we’re sure you’ve already streamed it..?





Niall has also been busy with his coaching on ‘The Voice’ which began in late 2022. Always a man of many talents, we know we’ve been enjoying his appearances so far in this new and exciting career move.





Okay, we love a grandpa cameo. Give us that wholesome energy, Niall! (And Grandad Frank, he’s basically an internet icon at this point so we love a cute duet.)



@niallhoran #duet with @Grandad Frank #fyp ♬ Heaven – Niall Horan

The Show is out June 9. You can pre-order and pre-save it here.