Conan Gray may be your newest music obsession. If it’s not because of all the bops on his debut album Kid Krow, his main character looks, or his relatable banter, then it’s got to be because of his top tier music taste. Or maybe it’s all of the above. Conan is such a stan, that we wouldn’t be surprised if he had fan accounts for all his fave artists. It’s these musicians that have influenced his songwriting and paved the way for the Prince of Sad Pop to make his mark.

Raised by the internet, Conan grew up obsessing over singer-songwriters such as Taylor Swift, Frank Ocean, and Lorde. He also holds a soft spot for grunge from Radiohead, and Nirvana to Paramore. His palette is so on point that it only felt right to compile his stan list – not because anyone asked, but because we know you’ll thank us later.



Conan is one of the most relatable Lorde stans on the internet. If you go on his Twitter, it’s basically an ode to the pop mastermind. He’s even picked out their wedding song, it’s ‘Paparazzi’ by Lady Gaga in case you are wondering – “I’m your biggest fan, I’m gonna follow you until you love me,” sounds about right. 


Billie Eilish

FUN FACT: Did you know that Conan and Billie have been friends since way back?! He’s called her one of his “favourite people ever,” appreciating her talent and work ethic, as well as being able to navigate fame together. Speaking to ET Online, Conan said,  “Billie and I have been friends since, like, literally forever, since she was, like, 15. I was like, 17. We were really young.” He continued, “Watching her have to figure out all these little things along the way has been really helpful for me… It’s mostly just trying to find a little bit of normalness in all this crazy stuff… And sending each other memes along the way.” We wanna know what memes tbh.


Taylor Swift

You knew this one was coming. Conan is the biggest self-confessed Swiftie we know (along with his BFF Olivia Rodrigo of course). He’s credited Taylor as his “lifelong songwriting idol”, which is evident in his song structure and lyrical devices. Most recently on stand out track ‘Wish You Were Sober’ and his latest ‘People Watching’. Speaking of Miss Swift, Taylor herself shouted out Kid Krow on her Instagram story, “Obsessed with this whole album… Not trying to be loud but this will be on repeat for my whole life.” No doubt the tears he shed that day used an entire box of tissues, or two.


V from BTS

Conan’s a huge fan of BTS, and the feeling is mutual. Conan and V shared a love fest on Twitter, and Conan has put it out into the world that he is down for a collab. This is the bromance we can’t wait to blossom. Universe please work your magic and make it happen soon.



Adele was the very first artist that proved to Conan how important songwriting can be as a craft. He was just 12 when he listened to Adele’s 19 album for the first time, “I feel like that was when I first realized that you can actually write a whole song… Adele was the first person that made me realize that humans have emotions that you can relate to.” Thank you Adele! You taught our Kid Krow how to fly.


Kacey Musgraves

Look up any playlist that Conan has curated and Kacey Musgraves will always feature. So it was no shock when he posted a cover of him singing both ‘Slow Burn’ and ‘Butterflies’. Can we get a YEEHAW 🤠



We have Conan’s cover of ‘Without Me’ on repeat. It should be illegal to be that talented. Although it appears that the pair have yet to meet, we are very hopeful after Halsey revealed that Conan is on her list of dream collabs. Conan responded with, “Um f**k yes, let’s write a song u wanna cry to but also riot to.” That’s a song we need in our life asap.


Olivia Rodrigo

Because if you don’t stan your best friend, are you even besties? This list wouldn’t quite be the same without Liv. These two are basically inseparable. When they’re not fangirling over Taylor Swift, they are streaming each other’s albums on repeat, and we love to see it.


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